Who is Side Hustle Pro? Allow me to reintroduce myself

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Who is Side Hustle Pro? Allow me to reintroduce myself

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Nicaila Matthews Side Hustle Pro

Hey Friends! If you’re new around these parts, allow me to re-introduce myself. I’m Nicaila, host of the Side Hustle Pro podcast and I’m so happy to welcome all the new visitors to Side Hustle Pro and of course all the new listeners. I thought I would share some fun facts about me so we can get acquainted. Sound good?

First things first, I started Side Hustle Pro in June 2016. Prior to that, I blogged under the name Caila K. Speaks. Long story, but basically Caila K Speaks was my “cute” name for myself when I started blogging back in 2009. Little did I know no one would see the ‘K’ and just pronounce it, “Caila Speaks.” It started as a personal blog, evolved to cover marketing and social media topics when I graduated from business school and was trying to get a job. After a while I realized that was boring so I started interviewing people I found interesting. I gravitated toward black women entrepreneurs. When I realized that my interviews were getting too long and people probably were not reading the whole thing…the Side Hustle Pro podcast was born!

Whew, that was a lot. Let’s get to number two. Here is where I would like to mention that the best thing that ever happened to me was a rejection from Google and graduating with my MBA and no full-time job. In addition to having to eat a not so tasty slice of humble pie, I also rediscovered my passion for writing and storytelling.

Number three: I was born on a leap day and I really believe that has something to do with me not fitting neatly into boxes and societal norms. Oh, and according to Myers-Briggs I’m an INFJ, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Number four: I always tell people I love to write but if I’m being honest I don’t write nearly as much as I should. So that’s why I’m trying to change that by challenging myself to blog every day in November.

Number five: I’m a Senior Manager of Social Marketing by day. That means my job is all social media all the time.

Number six: I’ve become terrible at returning emails in recent months. I’m working on it, I promise! If you’ve emailed me recently please don’t be mad.

That’s all for now. I would love to know about YOU too. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments.


Meet the host:

Nicaila Matthews-Okome

Hi! I’m Nicaila, the Creator and Host of the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. I started Side Hustle Pro when I was a side hustler myself. I was a digital marketer at NPR by day, side hustler by night. Through the powerful stories shared on this show and the courage to launch my own initiatives, I was able to quit my own job and go full time with Side Hustle Pro.

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