144: The Founder of Unsun Cosmetics is Making Mineral Sunscreen For Every Shade of Brown

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144: The Founder of Unsun Cosmetics is Making Mineral Sunscreen For Every Shade of Brown

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Today in the guest chair, we have Katonya Breaux, the founder and President of Unsun Cosmetics, Inc., a Los Angeles-based skin care company specializing in natural sun protection and beauty products for all skin shades and tones.

Katonya herself has worn sunscreen diligently since her twenties. In this episode, she shares why she initially became so diligent with her sunscreen, and how as she matured, she became more health conscious. She realized that even someone with her complexion could get skin cancer. As a result, the idea of sunscreen was no longer just about vanity for her. Protecting her skin meant protecting her life.

On today’s episode, she talks about the tedious process of creating a product that met her own personal high standards and is a natural SPF 30 sunscreen that doesn’t leave the white “residue” that us women with lots of melanin often experience with other SPF brands. As Katonya says, “Everyone should be able to look their best while protecting themselves from the harmful effects of the sun.”

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