245: Side Hustle Progress Report: Nicaila TV YouTube Lessons, Growth, Struggles, and more!

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245: Side Hustle Progress Report: Nicaila TV YouTube Lessons, Growth, Struggles, and more!

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I know you’re probably wondering, how’s Nicaila TV going, right?! If you didn’t know, I have a YouTube channel where I post videos about natural hair, lifestyle, and beauty content. I’m already one month in, and I wanted to give you all a little update on how things are going since my channel launched on March 1.

For the first time in a while, I gave myself the freedom to do something fun, again, and didn’t put pressure on myself with creating videos (or even to monetize). This was the start of expanding what I’m known for beyond podcasting, and I actually love doing YouTube! It’s my TV show, and anything goes.

This side hustle has also given me insight into what I see myself doing in the future (more on that in the episode).

In this episode, I’m sharing all that I’ve learned in a short amount of time of doing YouTube, and giving you insight into why I think it’s way harder than podcasting, and how I’ve gotten videos with over 1K views!

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Nicaila Matthews Okome 0:03

If you're nervous about social media, if you're nervous about podcasting, if you're nervous about YouTube, if you're nervous about starting your business because you realize you have to step out of your shadows, step out of your corner and show the world who you are, know that you can do it in a way that feels comfortable for you. The only thing you can't do is you can't hide. You're listening to side hustle Pro, the podcast that teaches you to build and grow your side hustle from passion project to profitable business. And I'm your host, Nicaila Matthews Okome. So let's get started.

Hey guys, welcome welcome back to the show. It's Nicaila here, and I am checking in with a solo episode update. So, in all seriousness, I am so glad to be able to update you guys on how my latest side hustle is going. And by the way, if you haven't checked out the side hustle pro boot camp, you need to go back and listen to episodes 231 to 235. That is the side hustle pro bootcamp series. All right. And in this series, we were accountability partners, and I shared with y'all my process. This was literally a brain dump of how I need to work to get my idea out of my head and into the world. Okay, so I took you through the steps of letting go of excuses of side hustle success of how to overcome doubt of just doing it pretty much. So I will link to those make sure you go back and do that. And for me, I'm here to give you an update on how it's been going since I launched my latest side hustle into the world. So, first of all, my side hustle is my YouTube channel, then the Nicaila TV youtube channel. What's that? You've said? You haven't you haven't watched my video yet? You? You haven't subscribed? Okay, okay. Pause this episode. Open up the YouTube app right now search the Nicaila TV and make sure you are clicking on the Nicaila TV, YouTube channel, subscribing, watching my latest videos and like the video okay, I did a get to know you video by the way. So you can get to know me a little bit more outside of side hustle Pro. Alright, so go check that out. I've pictures of my family, all of that good stuff, Kingston. Just go watch. Alright, so anywho how's that been going? So I launched my youtube channel officially on my birthday. So I launched it on March 1. And well, my birthday is actually a leap here. But we won't we won't get into that right now. Okay, the channel launched on March 1, right. And it has been a learning curve as expected, I welcome and I'm excited about the challenge of it all. So the reason why I started this channel is I started this channel, and I gave myself the freedom to just do something for fun again, to side hustle in the same way I did when I started this podcast side hustle Pro, I knew that it could go many different places. But I didn't put that pressure on it. When I started. I didn't say oh, I'm gonna become a full time professional podcaster No, I knew that I was interested in entrepreneurship, interested in doing my own thing one day, and I didn't know exactly what that would be, or how to leverage my talents and how to pour my talents into some kind of job that I could create for myself a career that I could create for myself. So the podcast gave me that freedom to explore, talk to people who were mentors in my head, and like, literally get their advice. So that's what I did there. And then through that process, I learned more about myself, I learned more about my interests. And I discovered the next phase for me, which was stepping out and doing podcasting full time professionally. Alright, now with this YouTube channel, I have various interests. So the main one being hair, like I wanted to explore my love and interest in the natural hair space. And what I might not have really gotten into on this show yet was that although I was not pressed to monetize or like make money at this stage, I just want to explore I had ideas of what I could potentially do in the future. So I thought about Okay, what we're doing something around natural hair and natural haircare look like for me, well, first of all, let me explore the space and see if I like talking about hair all the time. And if I really see myself becoming not only known for podcasting, but the like hair person, right? So that's the great thing about side hustling. It allows you to dabble and see how you feel about something before you really go deep and commit all the way. And so what I discovered through doing my youtube channel is this. I absolutely love doing YouTube. I thought I love podcasting and I love podcasting. First of all, I love podcasting because of The ease of it and the fact that I am recording this in my robe and my turban right now, right? I will never ever stop loving that. So you guys don't worry. But what I love about YouTube is that when I am ready to put an actual clothes and record in front of a video, it's so much fun.

It's like I didn't realize that all these years all my practice in my childhood of like having this big imagination and making up imaginary friends and talking to myself like was preparation for this YouTube channel which is you know, it's the Nicaila TV It is literally my TV show anything goes whenever I want to do, I'll be doing I'll be making videos on it right the channel is about natural hair, lifestyle and beauty. So awesome. content will fall under that umbrella in you know, various types of content. And what I discovered is that I love that and I love the fact that I'm finally doing more video and committees more video because I also still am even more inspired now to do more with TV in the future. And I see myself there. In the next phase of Nicaila doing more with TV having my own TV show, let me stop going around this object, Okay, I'm gonna put it out there in the atmosphere. God, you hear me? You already know though you see my heart. So I see myself having my own TV show. I don't know where it will be what network it will be on, but it's coming. And my YouTube is my entrance into that. So I discovered that i'd love it. Like any hesitation I had about doing it is out the window. Of course, it's harder, you know, like you really have to prep like I said, like you have to prepare to be on camera. So that requires like making plans to do your hair the night before do your nails. If your nails are crazy from like me, I'm you know, doing housework running after 11 month old, like all this stuff, like you really have to prepare, you know, me and my oil work around each other schedule so that I have dedicated time to film this video without, you know, Kingston running in here and like screaming on my video, right? All of that takes more work. But I still love it. I also learned that you know what, I don't see myself doing a business. As of now, I give myself permission to change my mind later. But as of now, I don't see myself doing a business around hair or hair care, like I was curious about. So I'm glad that I started my channel and explored what it would feel like to be in the space. And concurrently at the same time I was researching and looking into what that would look like and discovered that I don't see it for me, at least not now. So that said, I still will incorporate hair content, it's going to be less of a priority on my channel, I'm still going to share that naturally and organically though, right? Because a part of my lifestyle is how I do my hair, how I manage making time for me self care making myself you know, get pretty and beautiful and feel good, even when I'm in the house. And so a part of that will definitely be what I do with my hair, since people are always curious about that. And but this also opens me up to do way more types of content. I want to start blogging, that's the next type of video that's a little bit intimidating for me because like, again, that involves a different level of planning, right? Like, yeah, you're filming your organic life, but you have to plan for it, you have to plan to put a tripod with a camera to catch what you're doing organically because otherwise, like it's just gonna slip your mind because you do it anyway. So like if I'm working out I have to plan to set up the tripod to capture me working out before I workout. So that's like, means I wake up even earlier. So I got to really plan around that because sleep is precious around here. But I'm excited to do it. These new challenges are fun, you guys. That is the great thing about side hustling to like, it really, really sets you on fire. Whether it's because you need that creative outlet, which most of us do, even if you don't realize it, most of us need that creative outlet. And it invigorates me and helps out with everything else in my life. Because in order to do this new thing that I'm passionate about that means that I have to make sure that I'm on point in other areas so I get time to do it. So if I oversleep for example, if I don't plan the night before, you're gonna wake up, you know, next thing you know, the baby has a blowout like you're running around catering to the needs of the day that just pop up and you don't have any time to do what you're going to do because you didn't plan for it. You didn't make space for it. And that's a huge thing for me now is trying to make space for the things I want to do. Hey guys, it's Nicaila here with a quick word from our sponsors. Do you own a small business or run an organism That needs custom branded merchandise. Well, you might not know this, but some

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But with YouTube, the thumbnail is even more important because you see the thumbnail before you see The video title, most people are looking for the visual. And it's tricky because you don't want too much text on the thumbnail, you don't want the thumbnail to become ugly because you put all this like text and random emojis and stuff on it. But you also do want to grab people's attention with a few key words that let them know what it's going to be about and hooks them, right. So finding that balance, and learning about my titles, what I put in the actual video description, and my thumbnails has been a learning curve, but it has been fun. And I've even from my first to my fifth video have done so much better with it. That said, with YouTube, similar things apply with really understanding why you're doing this and who you're trying to serve, and what your niche is going to be. Now with YouTube, I gave myself the freedom to explore a little bit because I had a feeling that I might pivot. So that is why I didn't go in and super hard with a really, really defined niche. I actually advise against that when I teach people about podcasting. Because pivoting is not for the faint of heart. I'm okay with pivoting because I know that this was something that I was giving myself a huge amount of grace and flexibility with, but I did know that a pivot was down the road. And because I have done that before, when I started my blog, it was called Kayla Kay speaks and then I changed the name to side hustle Pro. And so I'm aware of what will be involved with it, and I'm up for the challenge. Now, most people are not up for the challenge, they get really tied to a bad name, they get really tied to bad branding, they get really tied to a whole bunch of stuff. I know I'm not like that. So I was okay, not going in with the hard niche. But you guys, you make it so much harder for yourself. So to be aware of that. If you do need time to explore, you do need time to figure out what it is you want to talk about. You can do that. But it's going to be harder, okay. So I prioritize the hair content at first, and even that they love itself. And my month so far have been on YouTube, I had to learn how to do better thumbnails, I discovered PicMonkey from again, researching, learning from the best learning from the gurus out there who are doing well. And there's so so many people who have shared YouTube content, like you can find it on Skillshare you can find it on YouTube, you can find it out there. Okay. And like I said, it did pay for a YouTube SEO mini course that I still need to go through. So that being said, I'm still learning. It's only been a month you guys, so I can't report back, you know, super, like huge amounts of progress. Yes, but I do have 500 subscribers, I have had videos that have done over 1000 views, which I'm super pumped about every video, I really aim for at least 1000 views and I've fallen short of that for most of them. But it's cool because I'm learning and I think I need to really define for my audience. You know what this channel is going to be about what they can expect to get people to religiously tune in to look forward to my show. Like it is a TV show, you know, to look forward to Nicaila TV like it is one of their favorite shows every x night. You know what I mean?

Speaking of x night, so I started out releasing videos on Mondays. And honestly that is what worked best with my schedule. But I had to realize that girl Mondays at 9am nobody's checking for your video, like their work and you know how people feel about Mondays. So I also tested out Sundays. But what I discovered is like, although Sunday is a great YouTube day, like a lot of my favorites release their videos on Sunday, I always watch. But for me, I'm not sure if Sundays just works for me quite yet because it just feels like I want my weekends to relax. And when I release a video, even if I've planned promo content, I go in and I respond to comments and all of that, and I don't want my Sunday was supposed to be my day of rest to be a workday. So still figuring out with my release day. But I've already learned some things about that. And, you know, I always and I still maintain that it's not the day that makes your show, whether it's a podcast or YouTube channel, it really isn't you guys, it is you and is your content. If people love your content, they're gonna tune in, they're gonna check for your show. But if you're starting out, and you're still being flexible with niche, and you haven't truly defined yourself for your audience like I have, then you don't want to put yourself out a disservice by also releasing at a really tough time slot. Okay, so today I'm actually releasing a video but it's gonna be later it's a Monday and I'm going to be releasing later in the afternoon, as I still figure out if I want to do Tuesdays or what have you because I do like being at the top of the week. So Sunday's are Tuesdays I'm still figuring it out. But you guys, let me You know, if you love YouTube and you have your favorite YouTube channels, what day do you love? What's the best time for you? If you've loved my channel so far? What time do you typically watch? I love to know that. So when I released this episode, head on over to my Instagram, let me know in the comments, okay. Now, here's some helpful things I've learned. Like I said, I use PicMonkey, for my thumbnail, learning from the best learning from others, their videos on how to succeed on YouTube, how to get more views on YouTube, and those things have been very helpful. And also, in terms of doing the actual content, lighting, lighting and figuring out lighting has been helpful. Some of the best lighting is really honestly natural sunlight. So if you can film around the sun, and also, you know, have a window location where you can, the light should be in front of you, not in back of you. So the window should be in front of you, and I'm back with you. Or in my case, even the window to the side of me works really well. But sometimes that's not feasible for me. So I have gotten a ring light. And it's not even most expensive ring light, I do want to get another ring light, but I'm so mad you guys, because I had an expensive ring light for about a year and it stopped working. And I don't know something about me is like so mad about having to buy it again, I have been hesitating. So that is why I just have like one that was like under $30, that is still a stand. And because I'm filming on my phone, I can put it in that ring light. And I will link to that as well. But the ring light is, is needed. And it doesn't have to be the fanciest to get the job done. But again, from video one through five, you probably see a huge improvement. And my lightning talks about the fact that I learned business that I don't want it to, I'm learning how to get better at YouTube SEO, I am learning that I want to do more with TV and I want to share my life more with the world. And I'm just reminded how important it is to get started. Because if I hadn't gotten started, and if I had kept pushing this out till the summer or you know, when we can get our baby in daycare like I would have been just stretching out the discovery that I'm making earlier so that I can pivot earlier so that I can move on to the next thing earlier and just get better quicker. So I'm glad that I'm starting now. Because in a year from now, like I can't wait to see where it is in six months

from launching, I can't wait to see where it is. So that will be September. So that is exciting. And I'm also just happy that I'm pushing forward. I have had things happen in my personal life like I've had people reach out to me that just shows me that I'm on the right path. And that it's like confirmation that I've made the right decision. And it's also shown me the possibility of of what this could become. If I didn't say it already. I am super always inspired by Isa Ray. I remember watching her I remember watching awkward black girl. And it was just a funny, you know, YouTube series. It wasn't anything like I ever thought of where the creator would go but to see where it started to see her now having her own media company network. It is amazing. And this is someone who you know is is touchable is real is is someone I could have gone to school with who people I know went to school with Who is this is a human being this is not some like alien. This is not some superstar, like this is a grieving human being black woman, just like me. And I am reminded that like anything you want to do as possible. Why not? You? Why not me? Nobody. Nobody out here that you see on a screen is different than you. Like they came out of a woman's body just like you. They got blood in their veins. They get up every morning they walk with two feet like they are humans.

They're humans. Alright, so with that said, Those were my updates for this episode. You guys if you have any questions for me, let me know again in the comments over on it when I released this episode, go ahead and drop anything you want to know cuz Hey, I could do another q&a. If you haven't already. Make sure you go over to youtube.com slash Nicaila TV, I will link to it. Show some support. Subscribe. I'm getting ready to do different types of content and share more of myself with you. And you guys know if you don't know I'm an introvert. So for me to step out of my comfort zone like this. First of all, it comes in waves. So anybody else out there who is an introvert do know that you're gonna go from like zero to 100 overnight. Okay, take it one step at a time film what's comfortable for you. I actually like starting with hair. Because it didn't feel like I needed to, like, share my whole life. You know, I was still figuring out what am i comfortable with sharing daily, my husband and I try to figure out, Okay, what are we comfortable sharing about Kingston, you know, we want to protect him protect his privacy from, you know, like, we just want to protect him when you have a child. So every single time that you see anything about him know that a lot of thought went into that because I don't want to over expose him. And I just I don't know what that looks like as I move forward in this process. So I'm taking it one day at a time, literally. And you have to just remind yourself, okay, how do I want to help people? What can I share that will do that? What am I comfortable sharing and echo with that, like, people don't need to see everything. One of the people I really love on YouTube, her name is happy, stylish Mommy, that's her channel. I think you pronounce her name, Shana, or Shana. And what I love about her is like she did a q&a and people were asking, like, um, can we do a house tour, you know, and she was like, you know, you guys see my room, you know, some of the rooms where I film anyway, but I feel like a full tour is kind of invasive. And I really respect that, you know, because I kind of feel similarly like, like, yo, yo got to show everything, you You just need to know what's important. Like I'm talking to you here, you see some stuff in the background, boom, you get a sense of what everything looks like, all right, like you don't literally have to lay yourself there. give people access to every single detail of your life. If you're not comfortable with that, because hey, as introverts, we need something for ourselves. And we're private, you know, and that is okay, I'm here to share with you that you can still find success, you can still find your tribe, you can still help others without feeling like you have to just share all your business and not have any privacy anymore. Okay. So if you're nervous about social media, if you're nervous about podcasting, if you're nervous about YouTube, if you're nervous about starting your business, because you realize you have to step out of your shadows, step out of your corner and show the world who you are, know that you can do it in a way that feels comfortable for you. The only thing you can't do is you can't hide, okay, you can no longer hide in 2021 sorry, you can't have a business hide. All right. So you're gonna have to get over that. And we can talk more about that later. And with that, you guys have a wonderful start to your week. Well, it won't be the start. But with that, guys have a wonderful week. Stay tuned for next week's episode and have a phenomenal April and I will talk to you next week. Hey guys, thanks for listening to side hustle Pro. If you like the show, be sure to subscribe rate and review on Apple podcasts. It helps other side hustlers just like you to find the show. And if you want to hear more from me, you can follow me on Instagram at side hustle Pro. Plus sign up for my six bullet Saturday newsletter at side hustle Pro, that co slash newsletter. When you sign up, you will receive weekly nuggets from me including what I'm up to personal lessons and my business Tip of the Week. Again that side hustle pro.co slash newsletter to sign up. Talk to you soon.

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Hi! I’m Nicaila, the Creator and Host of the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. I started Side Hustle Pro when I was a side hustler myself. I was a digital marketer at NPR by day, side hustler by night. Through the powerful stories shared on this show and the courage to launch my own initiatives, I was able to quit my own job and go full time with Side Hustle Pro.

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