235: No More Excuses, It’s Time to Act on Your Side Hustle Idea

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235: No More Excuses, It’s Time to Act on Your Side Hustle Idea

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It’s the final week of the Side Hustle Pro Bootcamp, and we’re going to ACT! That’s right, you’ve officially entered a “no excuses allowed” zone.

For the past three weeks, we’ve built up to this moment by getting in the zone, kicking our doubts to the curb, finding virtual mentors, starting to do the basics, and limiting the opinions of others. You’ve been equipped for this. You’re ready!

In three tips, I’m sharing how to take action and get things done, and put your side hustle out in the open because like I’ve said before…2021 is the year that we’re talking our side hustle seriously. We want to launch that product, write that blog post, record that video, and tell the world about what we did. You can’t just keep it on your computer. 

We want people to root for you when you’re starting, even if it’s not perfect, because it doesn’t have to be. Like we talked about in week one of the bootcamp, just start! You have to make your product or service in order to make it better. Think of it this way: you can be making sales while you’re improving.

And don’t forget your homework: Announce your side hustle if you haven’t already! I’m rooting for you.

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Hi! I’m Nicaila, the Creator and Host of the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. I started Side Hustle Pro when I was a side hustler myself. I was a digital marketer at NPR by day, side hustler by night. Through the powerful stories shared on this show and the courage to launch my own initiatives, I was able to quit my own job and go full time with Side Hustle Pro.

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