135: From Underdog to $1 Million in Revenue: How the Founder of PantyProp launched her own period brand

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135: From Underdog to $1 Million in Revenue: How the Founder of PantyProp launched her own period brand

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Today in the guest chair we have Crystal Etienne, the CEO & Founder of Panty Prop

Crystal dared to ask, why settle for products that were designed decades ago, are uncomfortable and fail constantly? Why give young girls objects that are often riddled with chemicals to insert into their bodies? Why stress over the embarrassment and shame of leaks and stained clothes and sheets? Instead, why not wear white with confidence, race in the swim meet or sit through hours-long board meetings without worrying?

After years of testing hundreds of prototypes, tweaking designs and being her own guinea pig, Crystal has perfected the exact equation of design, fit and most importantly, security behind each PantyProp underwear and swimsuit.

Today, we’ll get into how she came up with the concept, how she produces PantyProp, and the lessons she’s learned as an entrepreneur thus far.

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