142: The Power of Saving Allowed Her to Quit Her Job and Take Her Side Hustle Full Time

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142: The Power of Saving Allowed Her to Quit Her Job and Take Her Side Hustle Full Time

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Today in the guest chair, we have Jamila Souffrant. Jamila is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), podcaster, writer, and the founder of JourneytoLaunch.com where she shares her journey to reach Financial Independence while helping others do the same.

Jamila and her husband saved $169,000 in two years and are debt free besides their mortgage. She is also a mother of three small children and lives in NYC!

Her quitting her job to work for herself was made possible, not by monetizing her side hustle, but by SAVING.

On today’s episode, Jamila shares:

  • How she and her husband were able to save $169,000 in two years
  • Her approach to the financial independence (FI) movement
  • How she developed and stuck to a budget (without being super frugal)
  • How optimizing her finances helped her to take her leap into entrepreneurship
  • And more!

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Nicaila Matthews-Okome

Hi! I’m Nicaila, the Creator and Host of the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. I started Side Hustle Pro when I was a side hustler myself. I was a digital marketer at NPR by day, side hustler by night. Through the powerful stories shared on this show and the courage to launch my own initiatives, I was able to quit my own job and go full time with Side Hustle Pro.

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