257: How Influencer Dayna Bolden Attracts Opportunities And A Loyal Tribe By Being Her Authentic Self

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257: How Influencer Dayna Bolden Attracts Opportunities And A Loyal Tribe By Being Her Authentic Self

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Influencer Dayna Bolden is in the guest chair this episode with an update. 

It’s been three years since Dayna, an Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Blogger based in Atlanta, shared her journey with us. Since then, Dayna has consistently dominated the online arena serving as the Creative Director of DaynaBolden.com and CEO of Bolden Creative Media. 

The digital marketing maven has successfully curated healthy and enduring marketing campaigns for esteemed brands such as Nike, VH1, Disney H&M and has been acknowledged by media outlets such as Forbes, Elle Magazine and was voted as one of Essence Magazine’s top influencers to follow as she inspires her audience on a daily with her creative, authentic and relatable content. 

On this episode, Dayna shares:

  • How to get out of your head and show up authentically on social media
  • The difference between between an influencer and being influential
  • How to be realistic about your needs and get help
  • Her content tips and tricks!

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Nicaila Matthews Okome 0:09

Hey, Hey guys, welcome welcome back to the show. It's Nicaila here and I am live with Dayna Bolden. So for those of you who are listening remember I'm also on YouTube now go to side hustle pro on YouTube to watch this episode. So today I am back with another one of my favorite cast to an update episode to find out what has happened since we last talked to her in 2018. And for those of you who don't know, I'm going to read her bio real quick. So Dayna Bolden is an entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger based in Atlanta. Dayna has consistently dominated the online arena serving as the creative director of DaynaBolden.com and CEO of Bolden Creative Media. The digital marketing has successfully curated healthy and enduring marketing campaigns for esteemed brands such as Nike, bH one, Disney, h&m, and more. Embracing the core values of authenticity, hard work and passion. Cena has built a loyal community of engaged millennial women that look to her for a lifestyle, beauty, business advice. And Dayna has been acknowledged by media outlets, such as Forbes magazine, and was voted as one of essence magazine's top influencers to follow as she inspires her audience on a daily with her creative, authentic and relatable content. Dana's mission is to inspire women to do all things with love, passion and style. So welcome back to the guest here. Dayna. Have you here? First of all, I want to say that, you know, you give me such cool points, because one of my friends who moved to Atlanta you guys connect to you know, who you are, was like, you know, Dayna Bolden. I was like, you know, I interviewed her. So, yes, I am. So happy to have you back here. And the last time we spoke, like I said, was 2018. So tell us what has Dayna been up to? How have you grown since you were last year?

Dayna Bolden 2:15

I know, it's so crazy to be back. And it's such an honor. Like when you know, your team reached out and said I was one of your favorites. I was like, Oh my God, because we girl. To this day, I still get people who have said, Oh, I heard you on side hustle Pro. And it has literally been what has been one of my favorite interviews since. And I think, because at that time, I was just starting into my full time career. And now three years later, I have how much I have grown since then. So it's just an honor to be able to reflect and to see how far I've come in these last three years. So it's been it's just been a blessing. I've been busy

Nicaila Matthews Okome 3:06

that you have a whole other maybe

Dayna Bolden 3:09

tiled whole nother city. I mean, obviously, three years ago, I had recently just had quit my job, right? So you remember that journey. For those who don't know, I worked in corporate America for eight years. And at that point, I had started, you know, blogging on the side, do a little Instagram here and there. And at that point, it was just really a hobby for me, right, I was just doing on the side, working my corporate job for Under Armour. And once you know, my side hustle side is to kind of take off, I felt like oh my gosh, girl, like you have to figure out which one you're gonna do. Because I was calling off work, I was putting in PTO. And I just knew, like, I needed to pick one. And I got to a point where I felt like I needed to bet on myself. And that's when I took the leap. I decided to quit my job in late 2017. So like when I talked to you, I think I was like a few months into the entrepreneurship journey up in the high of quitting my job like girl, I did this thing.


three years later, I'll still hear


Dayna Bolden 4:26

Like, it's such a beautiful thing. And I remember like I told you on that last interview, like listening to your podcasts at my desk being inspired by so many other women's stories. And you know, that gave me some encouragement to take the leap and bet on myself. And it's just been an amazing journey ever since

Nicaila Matthews Okome 4:47

you left around the same time as I did, like late 2017 left our corporate jobs and I just remember relating so much to you on so many levels. And that's one of the reasons why I was always just attracted to your journey. Just really inspired by everything that you've got going on. And something else that always inspires me is your ability to grow a really loyal and, you know, supportive community. And that's not to say the size of proclivity isn't loyal and supportive as well. But one of the things I love about you is, you are really genuine with your audience. You're really humble, and you are really, you share a lot, you're really vulnerable. And I want to know, What tips do you have in growing a community? That's more than just numbers, you recently celebrated 100k followers on Instagram, but I know that it's deeper than the number for you. So what's your approach? And what's what's your tips about really growing a supportive, loyal and real community?

Dayna Bolden 5:52

I think for me, I've always just operated on understanding that behind the numbers is real women out there, and there's real people behind the screens of their phones or their computers. And I want to be able to connect to that real person. Because at the end of the day, I'm a real person. I don't want any feel like Oh, he's just some Instagram influencer robot, and no, it's like, I'm human, I have emotions, I have feelings. And at the end of the day, I want to treat my tribe as I would want to be treated, you know, and I feel like for me to connect with them, and that's just going to build up a better bond and a trust in a relationship to where my girl is right for me, like anybody who follows me. And know, like, when I say something, if I'm, you know, you know, vouching for something or doing something. It's like, okay, I believe in Dana out, that's my girl, I feel like she's my best in my head. Like, all of those things that I get is because I've made them feel connected by acknowledging them, speaking to them, like they are a person like I show the highs and lows, I show how I feel I'm unfiltered in terms of like, I don't have to be like this all the time. Yeah. On the screen, no makeup hair looking a mess, I Hey, girl, this is what I'm doing today, you know, everything isn't perfect, because that's just not life. And I feel like, Mom, business owner, I want to be able to show all of those things. I think that's how I've been able to build such a loyal community is by just really being my authentic, true self. And we hear that a lot in social media authenticity, Authenticity, but it's really different. If you show up like that, it's easy to stay. But then there's so many people who don't show up and be vulnerable. And I'm not saying that you got to share your whole world. In, you know, having privacy and keeping things to yourself, but also being vulnerable and showing, you know what you're going through, you're human, you're, you know, your emotions, and I think able to do that has built helped me build such a loyal community. And even like when I celebrated 100k a few weeks ago, um, I feel like it was a huge celebration for me and my community. But it also meant something deeper to me, it was bigger than just oh, this vanity number. It's like, okay, I am touching, potentially 100,000 people that are following. And I think that is so so beautiful for me and such an honor to have this position in my career.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 8:40

It just goes to show that sometimes in this world, we see titles and we want to define people by their titles and we think they sound I don't know, ridiculous, right? Like, what do you do for a living? You know, I'm an influencer, right? But if you really weren't put on this earth for this purpose, like there are women who are uplifted or they're women who are encouraged because they follow you. And they see that your messages everything from your fitness journey that you went on to your day to day motherhood, lifestyle journey, and you are changing their life. So this is why I like to highlight all different type of careers of all different type of entrepreneurs, because every single one is important. And to break down a little bit more what you said. It's easier said than done Xena, and I'm asking for myself like okay, showing up and being yourself. How do you get out of your own head in terms of we are so programmed to be perfect. We are so hung up on how we look. You know, that's the reason filters are created, right? We social media literally messes with our brain. How do you push past that verge to look like you have it all together and truly just show up and say hey, this is what it is.

Dayna Bolden 10:00

You know, I think for me, I had to just let go of that idea of perfection and being orphan. And I think that has really helped me, you know, a free me. And I think it shows other women that they too can show up as themselves, you know, because imagine if I always came on picture perfect makeup.

Yeah. Like it

Dayna Bolden 10:25

would just feel like, I don't know, I feel like me showing up as myself not only kind of gives other women permission, it's like, wow, Dana's confident to do it. Like, I can do that, too, you know, and I think it just has helped me so much with my brand building. And just really being myself. I can't stress that enough. Like, I feel like, if you were to meet me in person, you would kind of already know me, because I like it. You know, how I talk my personality. I think that it's just been so helpful. Because like, I would meet people in person and like, Girl, I feel like I already know you like. I think that's just like the biggest compliment when someone has like, Oh my god, I feel like you're my friend, or I feel like we can hang out in real life. I feel like, that is such a huge compliment for me, because that means I'm showing myself and they are connecting with. So if I wasn't showing myself on a day to day, it would be hard. Imagine like, the people you follow? And you don't even know. Yeah, really. You just write these level, like, pretty pictures or whatever. But imagine not seeing or knowing their personality, you wouldn't feel drawn to them. I follow a model like that. I'm not drawn to them. I'm like, Oh, yeah, her pictures are dope. But am I gonna, like fly out to see her or fly to an event or go to an event that she's hosting or trust what she's saying? I mean, she looked cute, but I don't want to be but Oh, she looks cute on Instagram. I want to see, you know, so I think that's super important for me.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 12:01

You're so right. And on the flip side of that, how do you create all this engaging content without encroaching on your family and personal life? Oh, yeah,

Dayna Bolden 12:13

it is. It is a fine line and balance, right? Because I think, you know, I share enough for people to understand like, who I am as woman, a mom, you know, my day to day interactions with my kids, my husband, but obviously I share in everything you don't know everything. Where I feel comfortable enough to let people in. But it's not like I'm really hiding anything is like, okay, y'all know, I'm married. Y'all know, I have to just see how I interact with my kids and my husband going out traveling doing the things. So I think, you know, just sharing different points in my life to people an idea of who I am, how my family is, has definitely just just helped with overall engagement and understanding who we are.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 13:07

And now let's get into that engagement piece by talking more about influencing. So like I said, Well, we touch base in 2018 it was like, Oh, it's so awkward, right? Like, we don't really like using that. How do you feel about it today? What is influencing mean to you? And do you own the term influencer?

Dayna Bolden 13:27

Yeah, I mean, I guess I still own the term because that's just become the term that we're calling right it's like everyone knows influencer but even still like when people ask me like, what do you do? And I'm like influencer well my online social media marketing. It is such a like weird term and for me, I'm still on that path of like, okay, yes, I'm an influencer but I'm not just an influencer. I am influential. And I think it's different. You know, I want to be influential, not just an influencer, anybody can go online and say, Oh, this pink lipstick is cute. Buy it. Okay, cool. That's fine girl. Let me get that pink lipstick. people's lives when you are influential lives you are really shaping how they feel about themselves, how they move how they want to what they what they desire. And for me, I want to be that I want to influence women to be their very best self, whether it is taking care of their bodies, whether it's being the best mom, whether it's balancing motherhood business, whether it's betting on themselves and quitting their job like those are things of substance right. It's not just a cute lipstick. It's like really shaping someone's life potentially future. And I feel like for me, that's the lane I want to operate in. I want to be influential and help my tribe see more, do more feel like they can be more because that they see that I am doing it. And I've always said that I want to encourage women that they can to, you know, whether it is quitting their job. Oh, I can do that too. Dana did it that she she gave me that encouragement and you know, that drive to see, okay, it's potential out here, I can do it because sometimes we just have to be able to see it to believe it. And you know, maybe you may not see it in yourself right now. But you see it in someone else. It's like, oh, wow, she was able to do that it's possible. Because sometimes we be thinking things are impossible until we do it like girl, I don't think I'll be flying first class later, in the twin size bed on this luxury flight until I get it. And this is, this is possible. You know, I didn't think I would be getting fluid out to Africa. But it happened. It is possible. So I think when other women see that is possible, especially women in my lane and in this world is like, Wow, she is doing that thing is possible. It ain't just the white bloggers out here getting fluid out on luxury airlines, we can get that. So I think it's just so important for me to be influential in my space, and really encourage and inspire other women to be better for themselves.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 16:07

Alright, so let's talk about define bold fitness. Now, this is a whole new brand whole new lane for you. How did that come about? Was this something you planned or something that just kind of popped up as an idea?

Dayna Bolden 16:21

Girl, it was never planned. It's so funny how God would just lead you in different paths. It's like this was not on my trajectory. When I talked to you three years ago, it wasn't like, Girl, I'm having a fitness brand in the cars, but it's just amazing. And that. And that, to me really showcases the authenticity of my brand because it just, it was just a natural authentic fit for me to launch this fitness community. A lot of you know who followed me last year, I started a fitness journey where I wanted to lose a lot of my postpartum weight. And I'm like, Okay, let me start working out every day I started this, I joined a 75 hard challenge where I worked out for 75 days straight two times a day stuck to a die, I drink a gallon of water all these things for 75 days, I've shared my journey online every single day showing up showing home staying committed to myself committed to this journey. And after, obviously, the 75 days, I was in super amazing shape. And it just became something that I was passionate about. Because not only did I feel good about it, but I also saw the reaction that I received from my tribe. And like I said, it's all about the tribe over here at the DB brands.

When I saw how interested

Dayna Bolden 17:38

women were, and how inspired and how much I you know, was able to serve just by sharing my journey. I love this, I love this for us, I love that we are taking hold of our health and getting you know, it may not be like Oh, you want to have a slim waist and all of that. It's just about being a healthier you and I like so good share my journey, that it was just a natural fit for me to have a community because I love community. And I wanted to just continue to build on that educate women share fitness tips, nutrition, all of those things. So I have a platform to find both fitness is gonna eventually launch into bigger and better things. That's really my goal for that. So it was just honestly a natural fit for me to launch this community because I was so passionate about sharing fitness and my journey towards it.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 18:33

And what does it consist of, like I saw, you know, you guys had an event you have merged, I'm like, wow, this is this is, you know, serious. Like, you got to do a lot to produce those kinds of things. So, what?

Dayna Bolden 18:48

before my birthday, when I a few weeks after I launched it, I did a workout event here in Atlanta. And that was awesome. Especially obviously COVID and everything, I wanted to keep it small. But now eventually, I want to have more events. It's just obviously getting women together and working out together. And then just online on a daily on our Instagram page. I'm sharing either nutrition tips, inspiration, Workout, all of the things that oh, you know, keep you inspired. And eventually I want to I've been working on a fitness line. So that's been like my big goal. In next steps. That's

a great Friday.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 19:39

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Dayna Bolden 24:10

Honestly, it's been I've been blessed in terms of like 90% of the opportunities come to me even still rubber years ago when I told you that was like that, but it's just like the partnerships have gotten bigger and better and the money has gotten better. So like, I don't know, I think back when we talked I can't remember what numbers I share back then. But I think my first year I think I was around $125,000 in terms of like revenue for the year. Yeah. I've had a six figure month

Nicaila Matthews Okome 24:45

that is mapped.

Dayna Bolden 24:48

Here I have a first experiment so I'm scaling to a million dollar ran. The way I'm trending with just you know monthly revenue so it's been amazing. Girls, I had a conversation with my accountant a few weeks ago, and she was just saying your growth has been amazing. So it was good to see like a year over year since we've talked, how I've brought my revenue each year, and it's just growing and it's gonna grow, continue to grow as I launch these brands. But you know, with red premierships brands really reached out to me, which has been a place blessing, and I can determine what's a good fit, you know, there's so much that I've turned out, I probably could have made $2 million, if I was greedy, you know, right, was greedy and didn't have morals, I could have made some real real money. But you know, I turned on a lot, and I and I really want to stay true to what works for me what I know my tribe is gonna enjoy what I love. And that's just been the blessing being able to share. Again, like my most recent partnership has been my biggest one with Qatar airlines. And that has just been a dream. So getting partnerships like that I never thought like three years ago, when we talked like, I will be getting flew out to Africa library trip, like, it's just like the sky is the limit. Being on Nike, you know, doing all of those things. Hmm, having I mean, I've worked with so many major brands, I just have a slingshot car in my in my love that I would like to drop. So I mean, it's just like sky is really the limit on I mean, the sky's the limit for my partnerships. It's been amazing the growth that I've had, and the brands I've been able to work with in the last three years have been amazing. So it's just been a blessing.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 26:38

That's really, really inspiring, because I think, when for anyone starting out now, who is tempted to quit, or just feel like it could never be me, I think, you know, go back and listen to Dana's first episode. It's episode number 88. And the fact that a brand reached out to her when she has 7000 followers, you know, you see her today at 100,000. Like she was creating excellent content and getting noticed at 7000. Okay, and that's a very attainable number. Very, very attainable. What tips do you have for people who are just starting out who want to grow to a level where brands are reaching out and are pitching them, contracts that Garner them? $100,000.06 figure months.

Dayna Bolden 27:28

I mean, I would say, obviously, you know, it's all about doing this with passionate, and that's been my model since day one. From day one. When I entered this lane, I didn't know where I was gonna be, I didn't know, this money I was gonna make I had no idea I would be like really doing this thing, you know, but the one thing I did know, is I was gonna do with passion, like I wasn't gonna come in here, and not giving my all. And I feel like when you enter something and have heart and passion, people can really see it, and they can feel it. And that's honestly why I feel like I've been successful is because it's not about the money to me. I mean, the money is great, it has been great. But the fact that I'm able to be influential, like I mentioned, and change lives and just have passion for what I'm doing is why I have stood out. And I feel like anyone coming into this lane, I think it's like, oh no come until like, Oh, I want to be famous online. I get all the products from the brands and you know, make money. It's like, what is your purpose? What is your Why? Why do you want to do this? What What impact do you want to have and make on this community? And I think if you can answer those questions, and you know, you can be true to yourself, when you come into this, this lane, that's that's what's going to keep you going. Because if you don't have the passion, that shit is hard right now. What is the grip algorithm? Right?

Nicaila Matthews Okome 29:00

We were talking about that before we before we started recording, man, I mean, it's hard

Dayna Bolden 29:06

to throw my damn phone out the window. Right? hard. But because I have passion, and because it's bigger than the likes, and the views, I stick with it, and because I want more, and I want to be more and it's not just about those vanity things. Yeah, my biggest thing is just to have passion. Because the passion is going to push you through the hard times that we you've got to have in this lane. So

Nicaila Matthews Okome 29:33

absolutely. Like I always tell people, you got to know your why because it gets very frustrating. When you put out you put your all into something and you post it on the gram and no one's seeing it because the algorithm is like, we don't care. This is not what's poppin today, we're not gonna, you know, show this in people's feeds like it's totally out of your control. So you have to keep pushing, but in addition to passion, what are some tactical things that people can start to invest in start to really arm themselves with to become a better lifestyle blogger influencer, what have you. So for example, I noticed that, you know, for the last several years you have invested in photography, you have invested in makeup, you know what I mean? Like you make sure that your pictures look a certain way, even though you're showing up without makeup and all of that in your ID stories, how important is it to start to revamp the type of content, you're, you're posting on your feed.

Dayna Bolden 30:39

I mean, at the end of the day, what I always say is that, like, you know, you have to create the kind of content that you want brands to pay you for, you know, it's like you can't show up online and say, I want to make $10,000 this month. And then you look at your page, and it's like, but will a brand pay you that though? Will you pay yourself that it's like, if somebody said are you gonna pay yourself 10 grand for all of this, and you like, Oh, you need to go back to the drawing board. So like, you have to be able to create the content that you want to get paid for. And once you start elevating, and operating at that high level, that's when you can start to command the respect and the money that you want. So I think that is huge. So yes, investing in quality, and you don't even have to have a fancy camera, like iPhones are great, like, half of my images be iPhone that people wouldn't even know because it's just like, you know, I took the time I study with it I edited there's tons of apps out there that can make your pictures sharp and crisp and bright as ever. Yeah, so investing in how to edit investing in what it takes to make your images look a certain way, whether it's a preset or a certain app, I think those are key, like I'm never not trying to learn, you know, be a student always no matter what level you're at, you can always learn something, period, you know, I mean, greatest of the great, they have mentors, they're out here learning. So for me, I'm still out here, you know, taking courses, learning things. So I think investing in help, if you need it, and I say you can run out and say, Hey, David, be my mentor, because I can't mentor everybody, but you know, find someone that can be your mentor, or pay somebody to coach new, and then you know, go from there. But I think just investing in your brand, be willing to invest in yourself. If you're not investing in yourself. Don't think anyone else is going to invest in you. And I'm always willing to invest in my brand.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 32:46

Yes, that is it right there. Like those are some gems, because I don't think I've ever heard it put like that. But it makes so much sense. Like, are you gonna pay yourself? for it? Like what you're commanded? Like, are you would you pay for that? So that's number one. Number two, yeah, no, you can't expect other people to invest in you if you're not gonna invest in yourself. And this is why we side hustle, right? Like, this is the time when I like to add this reminder. Yes, it costs money, it costs money to, if not hire a photographer, you know, maybe by that editing software that you want, or the editing app, it costs money to do these little different things. So that is why we side hustles so that we can have our full time job supplement, whatever it is that we're building on till we can garner the revenue that we need to either take it full time or you know, scale back with the full time, whatever it is that you that your goal is. So that is the essence because that's what you did. Dana, like you were waking up at four or 5am, sometimes just to do the juggle, until you reach that point where you're like, you know what, if I can make this from one campaign, and at my job, it takes me two weeks to earn this, like, it's time to take this seriously. Absolutely. One of the things I really admire about you is the fact that you are not afraid to get help to hire help when you need it. And you are very transparent about that. And you always encourage that. So can you talk a little bit about how you've structured your team, both personally and professionally, so that you can be the best data that you need to be and so that you can get your work done.

Dayna Bolden 34:28

Yeah, girl, I've realized early on that I can't do it alone. And sometimes we try we try we fight it. I don't know what it is. Fighting at home, like I just had to come and target like Girl, you may help you can't do it. All you are Superwoman, but you can't operate as Superwoman all the time. Be willing to let take a cape off. miles and let them help you and for me, I'm My personal help, like I said, I have my husband who helps out, obviously, with the kids just at home, just in general, being a husband, he's a great. And then my mother in law, which is his mom, he, she lives with us. So she's a huge help. Like, right now she's cooking while I'm doing this. Um, so just, you know, that's just my help I have here and my family. And then my mom and dad, even though they live in Philly, they still help out a lot, whether it's, you know, helping them the kids the or when they're in town helping out, I mean, I just have a really great support system, and my friends, they're amazing. So just being able to have a good village, for the family, part of my life has been amazing. Because there's no way I would be able to do the things that I do work, the schedules that I work, if I didn't have my village, here at home, and then my village with my business, I have a personal assistant who just like basically my right hand, she helps me with everything. And then I just have my management team, which consists of like my manager who's negotiating, pitching my deals, and I have a campaign manager who's running just like campaigns and the scheduling the back and forth with all of that photographer, videographer, lawyer, I have a full team of people who helped me get things done. And, you know, I think once you get to a certain level, you again, you realize that you can't, you got to operate in your genius, right? Like, I can't be out here trying to read contracts, that's gonna take me three hours, that's going to waste my time when I can be out doing something else that's going to help facilitate my business. So how about I get someone who can read contracts and know what they're doing, I got no questions, I can just sign on the dotted line, and keep it moving, saying with no negotiations of my brand campaigns, again, like I could be at my computer all day, going back and forth with these brands, or manager do that, while I'm out doing what I'm supposed to be doing. So I think, for me, it has been a huge help of my business being able to let go. And I'm not definitely understand because again, when we talked three years ago, I didn't have all these people. You know, I didn't just start off having six people on my team. But I think once you start to grow, and you kind of see where your time is being spent, and, you know, you'll start to realize you need some help, you need to bring people in. And I think that's what happened for me. And then once I really did let go of the control of being able to have to do everything, the business continued to elevate because again, you can't play all the spots on the core, I was a basketball player, and college. That's why it's five people out there on the court, it ain't just one on five. Imagine you going out there playing five people on it's gonna be

Nicaila Matthews Okome 37:50


Dayna Bolden 37:53

Hard, you got to say, for yourself, you got everybody got their roles. And if everybody operate in their role, we went in, we went on a ship all day long. Does everybody know their role, their position? And I feel like for me, that's where I'm at everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing. Things Done is efficient, and I'm winning.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 38:13

Now, how do you approach hiring Phil? Where do you find people? Like when it was time to hire an attorney, when it was time to hire an accountant? Is there like any resource that helped you just figure out where to go because the last thing you want to do is like, pick the wrong person or you know, not realize it's the wrong person until five years in and this person knows all your business. Unfortunately, the nature of business is going through those lemons, right? Like

Dayna Bolden 38:46

sometimes you just don't get a few people that just don't work out. I mean, I'm on my third assistant, you know, which isn't too much. But still, like I've been doing this full time for four years, she's in that I've gotten some time where I didn't have an assistant. So probably in the last three years, I had three assistants, and she helped out the longest she's going on a year. But again, you're gonna go through people that just don't work out in this way. There's no company out here that I know, that has never even you know, let go someone or got fired or some I quit. You know, it's just how life works. But I think you know, in short, to try to find the best people. I think referrals is huge. Like, you know, once I found out, I found my tax CPA from a friend who told me Oh, he's great. Then I hire him. And then she told me, he told me about my accountant and then I hired her. It's just like, really word of mouth and I found my system because a blogger who follow me was like, hey, my best friend, you know, she's looking for work and I heard you need an assistant. I think she would be great. So it's like really just that's really you know, that helped you because Sometimes hire in blind, you know, it can be a little hard. And that's why on job when you go into your corporate job, there's referrals, there's people that get ahead of the application process because they knew somebody, right? So I think that's kind of how I've been able to hire the people that I've worked with his because someone knew somebody and they recommended them and it just kind of went from there.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 40:22

And that's good reassurance. I think we can't hear that enough that you know, you you got to go go through the lemons, you got to, you know, keep pushing. And it's just part of the process and you get better at it, you get better at hiring as you hire. So don't be afraid of it. Now, before we jump into the lightning round, I want to touch on a little bit more about motherhood. Since you know, that's top of mind for me. And I remember watching when you have baby Bryce, who is like a big boy now. And it seemed like, I know you took a maternity leave, I think, but it seemed like you like never stopped. Like, you're creating content in labor. Dana, you're. So I want you to help help out, me and fellow moms who sometimes just feel like we're failing. Because like, how, how come we aren't able to jump? Or you know, like, Why? Why aren't we? Why does it look like that for us? And I know, that's not how you meant it, but it still can feel like how is she doing this? Right? So like, what how do you juggle and still managed to create content and, and almost make it look easy? I gotta be honest.

Dayna Bolden 41:36

I know. I'm like, you know, sometimes I'm like, dang, I do make them look easy. One. I think maybe I make it look easy. Because first of all, this is my second child. So I feel like I'm kind of seasoned. I'm like, I know how to work. Better a mom. So I feel like if I was doing this my first go round, there would be no way. So I get it because as a first time Mom, you're learning so much. You're trying to figure it out. You got this newborn, and it's like, oh my god, this person's crazy. I'm trying to do work. So like, for me, like my second go around, I'm no, you know, no stranger to this thing. And then again, like I said, I do have help, you know, early on, I didn't have my mother in law here. But even now, like I think, once Bryce time, almost want to have more help. But and I think just, you know, for me, like just kind of knowing my work ethic and knowing like, my capabilities and what I'm able to do, I think it's just kind of helped me. But ultimately, I think everybody just has to know who they are personally and not to quit. I know, it's hard to compare, because it's like, oh my god, she's killing it. I'm not doing anything like how, you know, we all battle our own things in silence. Yes, I've I've had postpartum as well. And maybe I took a week off, which I didn't know, you know, there's all silent battles that we're facing. So my biggest advice is just like, you know, don't compare too much. Just still, like, know that you're doing an amazing job. As a mom, there's so much on our plates that we have to deal with. And, you know, build your village, build your tribe, you know, whether it's your husband telling, you know, telling him what you need from him, because sometimes we just got to tell him my Hey, this is what I need you to do to help. Listen, I guess we're going crazy until now is of age where they can be out on their own. Okay. You know, I think being able to openly communicate your needs has been helpful and as all things I had to learn I have to go through that, especially with my file is like, Okay, I know, you know, I may experience postpartum because I'm stressed I'm tired. This is what I'm going to need assistance from knew I'm going to need a break here. That's going to help me keep my sanity. So I think just being able to openly communicate what you need and just be realistic with yourself

I think that's how you get

Nicaila Matthews Okome 44:03

and I know that I got arias book. So how did that come about? And you know, what are your plans for developing? Yeah, that arm publishing arm of the DB brand?

Dayna Bolden 44:16

Yeah, so for those who don't know I wrote a children's book with my daughter while co authored a children's book with my daughter, which has been out now for probably six months or so and it's done well like on launch a hit Amazon bestseller has now sold on all major online retailers. Barnes and Noble Amazon so that's just another stream of income for my daughter because I don't even see any of that money as I grow. That's yours that goes in your bank account which is a big blessing to be able to have that for her because in the reason I did it is because she was passionate about it. Again, it goes back to what I said earlier. You're having passion for something is just going to authentically blossom, your career. And even as a seven year old, my daughter has a career as an author. So I think that's pretty cool. And I just saw that she enjoyed writing books, and I'm like, hey, are we gonna do this? I think it'd be cool for you to have your own book, you know, on the shelves at the library on the shelves of stores. And she was like off for so we started the process. And, you know, I invested in it. Obviously, it wasn't, it wasn't a super big investment, you know, but it was something I felt like it would be something she could have forever. It was a goal accomplished for her. So I'm always going to invest in myself and I'm damn sure gonna invest in my kids.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 45:45

Yes, yes. That's awesome. And it's amazing, a beautiful book. And yeah, I just, I just love that. Now we are going to jump into the lightning round. You know the deal. You've been here before you just answer the very first thing that comes to mind. It'll be cool to see how your answers have changed. A couple of questions are different, but so let's get right into it. Are you ready? I'm ready. Okay, number one, what is a resource that is helping you in your business these days that you can share with the side hustle pro audience? Um,

Dayna Bolden 46:20

I would say Pinterest. I look at Pinterest to get inspired. Whether it's just ideas or content and everything, especially as a content creator. I think some just have to be able to get outside of Instagram and look for other sources of inspiration. And you know, Pinterest reading, audio books, podcasts, I just getting inspiration for content has been super helpful for me.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 46:48

Okay, number two, who is a black woman entrepreneur who you admire and why

Dayna Bolden 46:54

kalila writes mess in a bottle. She's also a close friend of mine, but I literally watched her from the bottom to where she is now. And it's just like, such a blessing. I'm just so proud of her her brand. I'm sure everyone knows what messenger motto is all. Good. Her brand is and I'm just so proud of her her grind, her work ethic, everything how she just got it out the mud and she is so successful. And I'm just so proud. So I would say to Lima

Nicaila Matthews Okome 47:28

number three, what is a non negotiable part of your day?

Dayna Bolden 47:33

That's a good way. Oh, I was say a non negotiable I definitely need my time to sit. And this is bad because it's work but I'm filming my time to edit my content. Like I don't play about my content and like I meet my husband knows when I'm like go in editing mode. Don't mess with me. Obviously with it being a part of my job. Day is editing my content whether it's my my Instagram pictures, I'm I'm about it.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 48:09

Wow. So you edit all your own pictures like okay. Oh, wow. Instagram stories, everything is like either editing video, chopping it down all create a whole experience. Oh, wait, not not, I gotta interrupt the lightning round. Because now I now need some clarity. So are you recording videos throughout the day, and then you create stories rather than like real time stories? A bit, a bit of both. So like, I'll have my

Dayna Bolden 48:37

in the moment stuff. But most of the time, it's like I'm recording it. And then maybe like, an hour or so later, I have to chop it down or like edit it so perfectly or whatever. And then I upload it. So you know, most of it is kind of like within the hours of the day.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 48:55

Got it. Got it. All right. Number four, what is a personal habit that has helped you significantly in your business?

Dayna Bolden 49:04

waking up early. I think waking up early. I'm a naturally an early bird. But I think waking up early and being productive because I used to just wake up early and lay in bed and scroll on Instagram for three hours into my kids get up. And then that's it, then a productive now early, I get my stretch in, you know meditating, I'm having that alone time. Because once I get up and get my kids up. You we all know especially as moms like they can rule the day, yo, at least the morning and so they either go off to wherever they need to go like right now my kids are in daycare and camp so that's cool. But I just think like getting up a few hours early. It gives you that more time we always say oh, I need more time I need more time was like get up earlier. Yes. It's helped me in my business for sure.

Nicaila Matthews Okome 49:52

Right. And then finally, what is your party advice for fellow women entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss But are scared about losing a steady paycheck.

Dayna Bolden 50:03

Girl You have to do it you. I mean, I think I've said this before, but I'm always gonna say it is like bet on yourself. We have one life to live so you can always go back to work like a job. Don't always be there. Unless you do you always have to find a job. Like I feel like I can find a job tomorrow if I wanted to. So it's just like, you know, take the time to obviously do what you need to do to save up and then take that leap and just try it What's the worst that could happen? You need to go back to work okay, cool. But definitely bet on yourself. Trust yourself and do it Imagine if I didn't trust myself I wouldn't be here

Nicaila Matthews Okome 50:42

and we wouldn't all be so blessed. Here. It has been such a pleasure having you here again like this is awesome man. And before we go just remind everyone where they can connect with you online and on social

Dayna Bolden 50:58

pinnately Follow me on Instagram and all throughout our social @DaynaBolden and I think I said this last time but if this is your first time listening to me or hearing about me, message me on Instagram and say hi or response my dm and I would love to connect with you. So just send me a quick note to say you saw me on the podcast and my website is DaynaBolden.com and definitely support our book. Super cool. aria.com is where you can purchase our book or you purchase on on Amazon target Walmart Barnes and Noble. I mean if you want to go on those retailers you can but you can also purchase on our website, the fine boat fitness if you have this lifestyle healthy, you know healthy lifestyle content. That is my favorite community, big things to come with that well,

Nicaila Matthews Okome 51:52

and I will link to all of that you guys. So there you have it. Dayna Bolden going over to the website, and don't forget to check us out on YouTube to watch us do this whole episode. Alright, talk to you next week. Hey guys, thanks for listening to side hustle Pro. If you like the show, be sure to subscribe rate and review on Apple podcasts. It helps other side hustlers just like you to find the show. And if you want to hear more from me, you can follow me on Instagram at side hustle Pro. Plus sign up for my six bullet Saturday newsletter at sidehustlePro.co/newsletter. When you sign up, you will receive weekly nuggets from me including what I'm up to personal lessons and my business Tip of the Week. Again that sidehustlepro.co/newsletter to sign up. Talk to you soon.

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