307: How Felicia Jackson Created The CPR Wrap—A Pocket-Sized Guide for CPR

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307: How Felicia Jackson Created The CPR Wrap—A Pocket-Sized Guide for CPR

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Felicia Jackson is the CEO and inventor of CPRWrap, a patented, award-winning CPR template that protects and guides any non-medical responders during respiratory and cardiac emergencies that require CPR.

Felicia herself was CPR certified and worked in a hospital when her 2-year-old experienced a near death event. While she froze with fear, unable to render aid to her son, her husband stepped in and saved their son’s life. That experience inspired her to develop a CPR aid for those frantic and scary moments when every second counts.

In today’s episode Felicia shares:

  • How she was able to find a manufacturer and create her prototype
  • How a viral tik tok video led to a 2000% increase in monthly sales
  • How she navigates finding the right trade shows, business partners, and investors for her business & so much more

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