226: How The Founder Of Grace Eleyae Went From Selling Products On Etsy To Selling One Of Oprah’s Favorite Things

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226: How The Founder Of Grace Eleyae Went From Selling Products On Etsy To Selling One Of Oprah’s Favorite Things

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Today in the guest chair we have Grace Eleyae, the Founder of Grace Eleyae Inc. 

Grace Eleyae Inc. began with their now trademark product, the Original Slap, which stands for (Satin-Lined Cap)®. The Slap is a stylish cap that retains moisture (satin-lining), stays on your head at night (with its signature elastic band) and is fashionable enough to wear outside.

It all started in 2014 when Grace took a trip to Kenya that changed her life. 

During a bumpy 8-hour car ride, all the hair on the back of her head broke off – the result of her chemically straightened hair and constant friction against the headrest. And the rest would be history.

Later that year, Grace started working on a solution to her completely damaged, broken and dry chemically straightened hair, and the first prototype of the Slap was created. 

In this episode, Grace shares:

  • How a bumpy car ride and hair breakage led her to develop a prototype for her ideal cap
  • What happened after she created that prototype, including the reaction from her family
  • How and when she decided to start selling her products on Etsy
  • What made her decide to fully launch Grace Eleyae
  • What happened when she initially reached out to get beauty bloggers to review the Slap, and so much more

One thing that just happened, Grace Eleyae’s Foldover Satin Lined Beanie just made Oprah’s Favorite Things List for 2020!

Let’s find out all about the brand that Oprah and more are giving rave reviews.

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