20: From Starting a YouTube in her Bedroom to 1M Views on Facebook: Evelyn from the Internets

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20: From Starting a YouTube in her Bedroom to 1M Views on Facebook: Evelyn from the Internets

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Evelyn Ngugi, aka Evelyn from the Internets, is a Kenyan-American YouTube sensation literally blowing up the internet right now, and she can even count Beyoncé (yes, Queen Bey) among her fans (but we’ll get into that story on the episode). What’s it like to amass a huge following on YouTube and Facebook organically while you’re still figuring out your long term plan? On today’s episode, Evelyn shares how she balances being a popular YouTube and social media sensation with a regular 9to5 just like you and me. She is an example that even with a growing side hustle, we’re all still just figuring it out as we go, and that’s OK.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Evelyn’s “system” for developing and publishing content
  • How she’s grown her brand organically, without actively trying
  • What it’s like to have your work singled out by Beyoncé herself!
  • Why monetizing content on the internet is easy, but monetizing in a way that is sustainable is a different ball game
  • Why it’s important to differentiate what you enjoy doing and want to make money from, and what you actually want to do for a full-time job
  • Why you should get out there and explore your gift, even when you don’t have it all figured out

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Nicaila Matthews-Okome

Hi! I’m Nicaila, the Creator and Host of the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. I started Side Hustle Pro when I was a side hustler myself. I was a digital marketer at NPR by day, side hustler by night. Through the powerful stories shared on this show and the courage to launch my own initiatives, I was able to quit my own job and go full time with Side Hustle Pro.

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