12: How I Found My Tribe And Formed A Mastermind Group

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12: How I Found My Tribe And Formed A Mastermind Group

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When you’re starting your own business, the company you keep is more important than ever before. On this episode, I’m answering a listener’s question about how to ignore the haters and find a true entrepreneurship support group. I talk about how I found my own tribe and created a mastermind group, and what you can do to find your own entrepreneurship support system.

I also get into updates on my own side hustle journey, including: What I’m doing to monetize and my new Side Hustle Pro Shop.

Tune in to hear my latest updates in this Side Hustle Pro journey!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SideHustleProCommunity/

Side Hustle Pro Shop: SideHustlePro.co/Shop

Social Media Toolkit: SideHustlePro.co/Episode7

Email Me: Hi@SideHustlePro.co

Meet the host:

Nicaila Matthews-Okome

Hi! I’m Nicaila, the Creator and Host of the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. I started Side Hustle Pro when I was a side hustler myself. I was a digital marketer at NPR by day, side hustler by night. Through the powerful stories shared on this show and the courage to launch my own initiatives, I was able to quit my own job and go full time with Side Hustle Pro.

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