85: Danielle Leslie Is Growing Her Online Course into a Million Dollar Business and She Wants to Teach You How

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85: Danielle Leslie Is Growing Her Online Course into a Million Dollar Business and She Wants to Teach You How

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Today on the show, I am introducing you to my best kept secret: the woman who has taught me to turn my knowledge into a valuable, premium course.

Her name is Danielle Leslie and she founded Culture Add™ Labs to help companies and individuals uncover their Culture Add™ and launch profitable products online. She is also the creator of #CourseFromScratch, an 8-week online intensive that helps people create & launch their profitable & poppin’ online courses.

She has been an online marketer in Silicon Valley for almost 10 years and helped personal brands & influencers, including Guy Kawasaki, earn collectively millions of dollars by launching their online courses.

One of the reasons I wanted to have Danielle on the show is because her framework for course launches addresses our common human tendency to get stuck on the preparation part and delay your launch.

She teaches people like myself to not fall into the trap of creating your course content all before you’re ready to launch and instead, focus on what she calls the 4Cs. She breaks this all down in her masterclass, which you can sign up for at SideHustlePro.co/CourseFromScratch if you are interested.

In my own case, I have wanted to launch a podcast training program for almost a year, and I have been dragging my feet because:

  1. I was overwhelmed with the thought of breaking all of the content down
  2. I knew it was really valuable information that could make people thousands of dollars and thus I knew I would need to charge a premium price point (and I was SCARED to set that premium price point)

I turned to Danielle and with her guidance, I launched my podcast accelerator as an invite only program in February and it’s been an AMAZING experience so far.

What I’ve learned from Danielle is:

  • Focusing on creating a course that truly meets your student’s needs, means creating it with their active feedback, not creating it in a vacuum without their input 
  • I’ve also learned that it’s not going to be perfect the first time you do it so you have to get down to business and start, so you can improve.

On today’s episode, Danielle gets into:

  • Her straight line to the cash formula that shatters the most popular course creation narrative
  • The tools she used to do a $20,000 course launch in 60 days with no email list
  • Her MVC method to not overthink your launch and to pre-sell your course
  • How her online course made $25,000 alone in one month on Instagram…and how it has exploded since then.
  • As this episode premieres, Danielle just crossed the $100,000 mark, her first six figure month. And in today’s episode, she breaks down how she’s quickly approaching $1M in revenue this year

If you want to learn how Danielle’s online course made $100,000 in one month alone from Instagram listen to this entire episode, and remember to sign up for her Course From Scratch class at SideHustlePro.co/CourseFromScratch.

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*Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and enroll in Course From Scratch, I will receive an affiliate commission. Course From Scratch is a program I personally used to build my business.*

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