275: Co-Work with me: Brand partnerships, Side Hustle Pro Merch, and Figuring out my Vlogging (and Life!) Schedule

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275: Co-Work with me: Brand partnerships, Side Hustle Pro Merch, and Figuring out my Vlogging (and Life!) Schedule

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Hey Guys, Co-Work With Me this week as I discuss upgrading brand partnerships, working on side hustle pro merchandise, and figuring out my Vlogging (and Life!) schedule

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Nicaila Matthews Okome 0:02

You're listening to side hustle Pro, the podcast that teaches you to build and grow your side hustle from passion project to profitable business. And I'm your host, Nicaila Matthews Okome. So let's get started.

Hey guys, welcome welcome back to today's episode. It's Nicaila here with another co work with me episode. So today I'm just going to share what I'm working on this week and hopefully give you guys some encouragement. But can I just say that even starting this recording was a process. So I have this thing called a focus, right? That connects to the microphone, which I use now which is this shore, SM seven b Right. And then I have a MacBook Air so I need to use one of these like connector dongle things that has the USB since they want to change up their their ports, right. So I haven't had that plugged in for a few days because I was not using it. I wasn't recording anything. So I just went in and tried to set up all the tech behind the scenes to get ready for this recording. And I could not for the life of me hear any sound on this microphone and good thing. I did a sound check which I don't usually do. Because I'm usually in a rush. But this someone told me in my gut, do a sound check Mikayla. So I did a sound check. Not a sound coming out of the mic, mute just me just looking like I'm just talking in silence. See also luckily, after some tinkering, I turned up the gain all the way that might make sense to y'all if you use these kind of devices. And this is why I always recommend starting your podcast just with a microphone and a laptop and not getting into all this fancy equipment because I am not a recording studio tech. Okay, I don't want to deal with this. But I got this microphone, so I want to use it. I want to get the bang for my buck. So I refuse to just move forward without figuring it out. But I finally did. Hmm. I'm so grateful. So just want to share that with you guys. So anywho what I'm working on this week, in addition to recording an episode, let's talk about that, though. So I've broken up my week into my four main priorities, which are my podcast, podcast, moguls merch, and then the kala TV. So in terms of the podcast, I'm recording this week, I'm working on next week's episode, and also doing some guests outreach to finalize the episodes for the remainder of this year and then kicking off January. And in order to do that, I kind of want to spend some time just kind of thinking through what themes I want to cover, what kind of entrepreneurs are side hustlers I want in the guest chair so that I can encourage others. I'm always trying to think about, you know, what story needs to be told what information needs to get out there? What resources do I want to connect you guys with? So I'm going to spend some time to think through that and really iron out what next year will look like. Because to be quite frank, I feel like the last two years, I haven't been able to map out the vision in the usual way that I would like because of all the unpredictability, and because of the inability to have like a really strong and solid recording schedule. Look at my brain. That's that right, there was a picture of my brain in action sometimes when I have so much going on. And I'm just trying to manage and juggle all the balls. So yeah, it has been really hard to have my show be a reflection of the information and the the knowledge that I want out in the world, you know, I've done a few more rewinds than I would have loved to do, even though I love sharing those episodes, because each and every time someone hears it for the first time, and they're like, amazed, and they're so grateful for the information. So I love rewinds and I encourage my students to do rewinds you know, it's no different than your television show that you know needs to take, take a break, take a hiatus and instead of going dark, like you know, your favorite shows will go dark for sometimes over a year before they bring back a new season. I like to sprinkle in episodes that I feel information is evergreen, I feel like the knowledge is important. So I do enjoy being able to get that information to people who have not heard it yet. Or just remind you guys, you know, if you haven't listened to the episode in a while, I also know that people not everyone listens to every single episode. So sometimes it's your first time seeing that one. Sometimes people reach out to me and pitch people to be on the show. And I'm like but they were episode blah, blah. So that lets me know that I really need to reshare my episodes and do more of that. But I would have liked to interview different people that I didn't get a chance to do this year. So I'm looking forward to doing that and coordinating with their schedules by giving them more heads up. So a part of being able to interview people is being able to have a schedule that can work with an average person schedule. You know, not everyone can fit into the small windows that I've had. So As my schedule frees up, so will be opportunities for me to chat with more dynamic side hustlers and entrepreneurs. So looking forward to that, working on that this week, and also working on show notes for this episode, as well as upcoming episodes this month, and also working on some social media content. So right now I'm in between social media and content managers. So usually I hire out for that. And as I told you guys, previously, you know, hiring it is a job and I haven't had the bandwidth quite yet to hire. But what this time is given me an opportunity to do is to play around with different social media, promo graphics, different social media promo styles, especially now that I've incorporated video content. It's me deciding okay, so I placed these videos on rails, so I placed them directly in the Instagram feed do I placed them here? Do I want to you know, do a carousel post on Instagram where I post several slides, and the video is one of them. I'm toying around with all of them as I like all of you continue to study the algorithm as it changes. And you know that Instagram is one of my strongest platforms. So I do always invest in learning and growing with that platform. But I also share on the other social media platforms that side hustle Pro is on, such as Facebook, such as LinkedIn, such as Twitter, and exploring whether or not I want to be on other platforms such as tick tock and how to make tick tock organic for side hustle Pro, right, I don't just want to be sharing snippets of the episode, which is really not what tick tock is for, even though I have done that as a test, and some have performed really well. So we are figuring it out over here. But by the time I am ready to hire another social media manager and content manager, I will be able to share with them, you know, here is the flow of promotion that I want you to work on, and then I'll be able to share those templates and, and really guide them through that. So this is a good transition point for me to take a break from hiring and then work on how I want my social done for science approach. So a friend of mine had reached out to me and they were like, Are you doing your own social? And, you know, how do you do it? Like, it just sounds just like you. And I'm like, Well, actually I am. And most times, even when I do have a social media person, I, my Instagram is still mine, like I don't hand over the keys to that what I do is connect that person as an admin via so now Facebook and Instagram have the creator studio where you know, if you have business accounts or creator accounts, on Instagram and Facebook fan, you're able to see both of them and you're able to schedule it out. So prior to using the Creator Studio, which I just started using, honestly, I used to use a platform called buffer. So with Buffer, I could just you know, connect my social person to the San Jose pro social media accounts via buffer. And they would just log into buffer and be able to schedule out promotional content. Because right now that's really what I utilize a social media person for its to post content related to the show. So my account still remain mine, meaning I have the Logins I'm able to go in and engage with people all of that I'm going to do, I'm not, I'm not comfortable with handling that all the way over, because I still enjoy talking to people. So when you're DMing me and you're talking to me, you're talking to me, Michaela, not somebody else. So that's how social works for me. And if anyone else is trying to figure out how to how should I manage my business, I think that, you know, definitely utilize these third party platforms. And this is going to make sense to you if you have a Facebook or Instagram business account. So it's really weird, but um, Instagram, business accounts and Facebook business accounts, they connect easily to these third party platforms, like your buffers, your Planoly, that's another one later. But if you want to actually post, if you want your post to go live without having to go in and select Publish, then you need to have a business account, if you have a creator account, which is what I have now. And these are just, you know, drop down selection. So creator accounts are more for people who are making creative type of content on Instagram and Facebook. So you're using reels and you're using music, and you're doing different things. Whereas business accounts, I used to be able to do that as well on my business accounts, but I found some limitations with it. So I switched over to create our accounts. And for some reason, those third party platforms like Buffer do not have permission to have your post go live, you have to get a notification and then you have to physically go in and select Publish. And that defeats the purpose of scheduling. So I've now moved over to Facebook and Instagram Creator Studio. So that is something to note when you are selecting what kind of account you want. And I will say that with a creator account. I've also found that I have access to a better music library. So with business account, it was really limited. As far as royalties and rights with the music. It was very generic music. But when I switched over both of my accounts, both side hustle Pro and tequila TV, that is when I got music permission. So just a small tangent to let y'all know when it comes to creation of social media, what I've learned what's going on, and how I'm approaching it.

So now let's talk about what else I'm working on. Merch I touched on that a little bit last episode. So if you're watching a YouTube video, you'll see that gold mug I was talking about. I really didn't need to take a sip of tea because my voice was getting a little dry. But you get to see it because I drink out of this every single day. And people are asking me for asking me for it. And it's coming, you guys. So what I worked on with the merch partner that I'm working with right now, and you see me tag them on Instagram, it's merch studio, they did all the merch for the site has a pro live show in DC back in 2019. So we are finalizing my Shopify site, there are some changes that needs to be done. And you guys, oh, my goodness, there's just so much with any new endeavor there things that you don't expect or things that you know, rounds of reviews that needs to go through. So that's something to, to build into your timeframe for any launch, especially when it comes to merge. So we've just gone through a round of edits for the Shopify site, finalizing descriptions and things like that. And these are all things that are important. But they take up time when you just want to go, you just want to go out there, and I would just go out there, but I feel that if I'm gonna do it at this point, I might as well you know, not go out there without reviewing and spell checking, right. Like it's no sense in launching and have everything be a mess at this point, because I've been talking about it for so long. So we're close, we're finalizing things like that. Finalizing the product mix prices. And also we did a warehouse inventory check so that we can avoid as much as possible stock issues. Now I am for this first run, I will determine how often I'll release new products, whether that's quarterly or what have you, you know what I mean? Like I'm not, I don't know, if I will keep everything in stock all the time, or do certain kind of like, what's a key a blade of FBF body talks about when she was here, like have certain releases. So still working through that, and just making sure for this release that I know Okay, how many am I bringing to market? How many? How much inventory do we have? And then if we sell out, because all of this involves a projection of how many you think you need? And if we sell out, How fast would it take to get more so it's all a work in progress. You guys, I did not go to E commerce school, I've had many fly entrepreneurs on here who have become really really strong ecommerce experts. And that's why I have them on the show to learn. You always knew that was my hacking life, like bringing people on the show to learn from I'm learning just like you're learning. But as everyone always says, you don't really learn until you do it. So I can get as much advice as possible from Kim from chromic, from my leak from Chromebox, you know, from Zakia, from FPF body from Angel, who I featured last week from the spice suite. But at the end of the day, and the Kayla has to go out there and test things out. And speaking of testing things out, I don't think I'm going to launch with the notebook that I've shown you guys, if you're watching on YouTube, you'll get a sneak peek of it. And you've seen a sneak peek of it before it is this gold notebook. It has more pages, but I've been using them like crazy. And sometimes I take out pages but anywho I'm still working on the interior of that. So I don't think that'll be in this first release. So I'll keep you guys posted on that. But that's a part of learning and figuring out okay, what do people want at the end of the day. One thing I've heard over and over again, is to not go out with too many skews, aka too many products. So that has been repeated so many times. So people are blue in the face. So as much as I want to launch winter gear, zip ups, this notebooks, planners, all of this, I am going to keep it to a small number as much as possible, a small variety as much as possible. I really should just be releasing one thing, but you know, there's a mixture between what you hear what you learn and what you want to test for yourself. So I'm launching with more than one, but not like 100 So I'll keep you guys posted on how that goes. But yeah, it's a lot of work behind the scenes a lot of work and I think I much kudos to my merch partner because they're doing the bulk of it. And you know, they'll be handling fulfillment and I'm really really, really grateful for that and don't don't try to steal them either. Okay, I got them first. And don't you make them too busy? Okay, otherwise I'm gonna stop sharing my plugs. All right

so guys, Picture your business on TV next year customers favorite shows, I used to think that this wasn't an option. But I just found out about a really effective tool that is affordable and accessible to side hustlers at all levels. It's called the spectrum reach AD portal. It is a self service tool. And it is so user friendly, especially if you're already using digital and social media ads. If you can put up an ad on social media, you can use this portal, your first step is to visit go to that spectrum reach.com/hustle Pro, and that's go and the number two, then, once you register and login to the spectrum, reach AD portal, you can start building your TV campaign right away, you can select your goal and refine your geography so that you're only marketing to the areas where your customers are. Plus, you define your budget. I've always thought that TV was going to be really expensive. And I know that some of you might be thinking the same thing too. But with the spectrum reach app portal, you are able to see suggestions of budget and then determine a budget that works for your business. There's also a customer success team available right in the portal to help you if you come across any questions. And then you can even connect with a local expert. So in some you guys, Spectrum reach has made TV advertising super simple and affordable. Do not miss out on this opportunity. Visit go to that spectrum reached out comm slash hustle Pro to start building your TV campaign online. Oh, and you might be saying, Mikayla, how am I going to create a commercial? Listen, our friends at spectrum reach have already thought about that. As a special offer. For side hustle pro listeners. Spectrum reach is offering production of a free 32nd video for your business spectrum has a partnership with waymark that spelled w a y ma RK where you can create beautiful professional top tier commercials using templates. Add your own logo and creative just go to waymark.com/spectrum Reach and enter code hustle Pro. Again, that's waymark.com/spectrum reach to use offer code hustle pro at checkout to claim production of a free 32nd video, just click the coupon link at the top right and it's 100% free. And guys, I'll have links to both the spectrum reach app portal and waymark in the show notes for you so enjoy

now let's talk about podcast moguls. Podcast moguls for those who don't know by now is my podcast accelerator coaching program for aspiring podcasters or podcasters, who have already launched, but really need that information about how to build a profitable podcast. So you can learn more about that at podcast moguls.com/join. So I'm currently working with the October cohort. And a few things I'm working on behind the scenes are revamping the welcome sequence of students as they come into the program as they learn. And then also figuring and deciding on what a new student orientation could look like. Is this something that will be led by me led by a team member? What will it entailed, especially because I encourage people from all levels to come into the program, and a new student orientation, especially ones that I have really enjoyed from programs that I am in are things that just really walk you through the lay of the land, it's not that I would go be going really deep into any particular lesson at that time, because the lessons within the actual course exist for a reason. However, a new student orientation I find when I have taken courses is really good at keeping your momentum going. After you've purchased the course, giving you kind of that stabilizing force, which is like okay, you can do it, here's how let's start here, answer any early questions, and also continue to forge that connection, which is why, you know, I probably will be the one doing it but haven't so far had that New Student Orientation. It's usually our first coaching call is the first meeting of the new cohorts. So still working that out. You know, I think a program like this is one that you continue to tweak, no matter how long it's been around. It's it's something that can always be improved upon, always evolve. So I'm looking forward to more changes and upgrades that are coming in 2022. And like I've shared with everyone who joined in this recent cohort, the October cohort, I am now a video podcaster so clearly as I'm learning and growing, these are insights that I'm excited to share with my podcast mogul students excited to share that bridge of you know, how do you have a successful podcast on the listening apps but then also carries that over to YouTube. And with YouTube, there's so much more that YouTube does for you other than just, you know, having listens there. So of course, there are people who YouTube is their preferred platform to listen and to get knowledge. So you're not only now appealing to those people, and giving them that opportunity to listen on YouTube. But then also, YouTube is a search engine, YouTube is allowing people to come across your information that never came across it before. And we also talked about the fact that with YouTube, they serve up your content, you know, on these listening apps like Apple podcasts or Spotify, you might go in, and you'll see the podcasts that they want to feature. But as far as the algorithm that they've created, serving up suggested recommendations for you on a consistent basis. That's something that no one does, as well as Google as it relates to, you know, content suggestions. So you do get content suggestions, like if someone subscribes or searches for side, hustle Pro, other podcasts will come up, or you know, if you search for something else, a bunch of podcasts will come up that are in the similar vein, you hope. But on a consistent basis. Like if I go into my apple podcast app right now, right, and I go to browse,

they are showing me subscriber favorites. They're showing me leisure vibes, new and noteworthy. They're not serving me content based on the shows that I'm already subscribed to. So you have an advantage when you have your show on YouTube, because now people who never knew about you never listened to your show, because they listened to a similar type of show are now being shown your content. And so you get to kind of piggyback and you get to benefit from the audience and the views of another show. Because your content is going to be suggested because it's similar. And people who listen to this show, also listen to that show is that benefit of the algorithm. So I'll be sharing even more of that within podcast moguls. And I'm actually fleshing that out. Right now, what I hope to do is every week kind of work on upgrading every single lesson. And I want to do that, because 2022 is not 2021. And so as much as possible, I always like to go in and tweak and I'm not changing the course, let's be clear, I'm adding. So as new things come out, like for example, Apple added subscription this year. So as new things come out, I add in insights are adding my thoughts on them. And not every single thing that has come out. But as I'm getting ready to do some upgrades, those are the kind of upgrades that I focus on not like re recording and completely changing the course because the content, the core content is still amazingly helpful. It's still very, very solid. And it's something that people are learning from and benefiting from every single day. And you can hear more about you know, how the students inside of podcast moguls learn and what they have learned in my most recent episode with Tolu Garcia of the UI narrative podcast. So she shared more about that. And, by the way, if you guys like those episodes, let me know. And I'll interview some more podcast mogul students, I'll have some more students spotlights, but that is what's going on this week, specifically, just focusing on the welcome sequence. So just to be clear, you know, you guys know that for podcasting. I'm working on recording, show notes, guest outreach and organizing. Oh, another thing I forgot to mention brand partnerships. So this falls under the podcasting umbrella. So you guys know, I have sponsors for this podcast, some of those sponsorships, they are for the podcast. And then also, I also share those messages on Instagram or in my email. And so every day, I am working administratively on some of the needs of those different brand partnerships, whether that's sending over a contract or an invoice, or sharing more insights on how something performed or planning for 2022. That's what I'm doing now we're planning to campaign for 2022 or finishing out q4. And that requires a whole different part of my brain. And I'm really excited actually about brand partnerships and expanding that element of my brand. So recently, I decided that I will definitely be upgrading how I approach brand sponsorships. Case in point, I used to take those photos myself, you know, I would just try to find the best lighting and you know, iPhone does have an amazing camera. So I would try to find the best lighting and you know, use my tripod and take most of my brand campaign photos myself, but I was finding some limitations. With lighting. You know, some days you don't get to shoot when the best light is out or some days you want to go to a different location to shoot and you're like, if I'm going to do all that, do I want to bring a tripod and shoot myself or do I want to hire a photographer? So for one of my most recent campaigns with the awesome folks at Yahoo small business for their local work service. And by the way, if you don't know about local works, you need to know about local works, it is essentially making sure that anytime someone searches for your business, they're getting the most up to date info. So you can like control how your business appears online, across all the different search engine platforms and all the different directories. So I will link to information to get a free report and see how your business is doing in today's show notes. So make sure you're doing that. But for this most recent campaign, I was like, You know what, I'm stepping it up. When Dana Bolden was in the guest chair, one thing she mentioned is, when you are creating brand campaigns, you need to think to yourself, like if I want to attract more of this, you know, is this something I'll pay myself for? You know, am I doing this at a level that I would hire myself? And yes, I was. But I also knew that I wanted it to be I wanted to over deliver, I want to over deliver, I didn't just want to deliver anymore, I want to over deliver. So I decided that I'm going to start as much as possible. As much as timing and scheduling works out, have an actual professional photographer shoot my brand campaigns. So last week, or was it two weeks ago, I at the last minute, had this epiphany and decided I'm going to do this. So I've been in talks with this photographer who actually Dana recommended Vernon Davis, if you're in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, she you know, highly recommended him and so we had been in talks about shooting regularly, but I had kind of like fallen off because you know, life. But then I said oh wait a second. Maybe I could shoot this campaign with Vernon. So I reached out to him like literally the night before. I'm having this epiphany at like eight o'clock at night, you know, after me and Moyo door switch of the shifts. And I can have time to have focused thought again, right. So I'm doing, I'm having this epiphany. And I realized that Oh, my goodness, like, I need this shot. Like today. This was Monday night and the campaign was set to go live on Wednesday night. And what I was doing, I was sending over the drafts of the Instagram posts to the team. And that is when I said, oh my goodness, I need to reach out to Vernon. So I did that. And do you know that he was able to fit me in? He was like, I have 30 minutes tomorrow morning. Can we make that work? Oh, and one thing I should mention is, I had already been kind of scurrying Instagram looking for location, I've been location spotty, because I thought maybe I'll just go over there with my tripod. And that's when I was like, if I'm gonna go all the way over there, like what if these shots are wack? Like, let me get a real photographer. So I reached out to him. And I said, Hey, I want to shoot here. And he have these shots in mind that I need, like, Do you have any availability, and he said, I have 30 minutes. And I was like, that's all I need. So we met the next morning, knocked it out. He's so professional, he was able to get me back the final images. You know, once I paid, of course, he was able to get me back the final images that night. And I was able to go ahead and post the first post that Wednesday. So we're going to be continuing to work together, obviously. But it just goes to show that when you actually I don't know what it goes to show.

I cracked myself up. But the point of this story was that

brand partnerships is something that is in my workflow this week. I'm continuing to work on this current campaign and also brainstorming for future campaigns. So that is now an element that falls under the podcast umbrella when I add it to my week. That is what I'm doing. And of course with brand partnerships comes things like invoicing, like I said and admin stuff. And that just involves, you know, making sure you're in that inbox, checking your inbox and all that good stuff.

So the final thing is Nicaila TV, I have almost almost solidified a vlogging schedule. You know what, when I say vlogging Of course, I mean, YouTube filming. That's what I mean, because I don't plan to just do vlogs I will incorporate some more videos where you're learning something or so it could be things about side hustling or business, it could be about entrepreneurship, it could even be I'm not eliminated here content completely. I just didn't want my channel to only be focused on that. So it could be things like you know, hey, like, when I do these videos, people still ask me what hair I'm wearing. And that is a part of my life like choosing really convenient wigs to put on my hair. Why don't I stutter. But that is part of my life and my workflow, like finding really convenient things to do with my hair. So that that doesn't take me a lot of time. Because like, for today, you know, me and Moyo he had a break and had a window in his day and I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna record that too. And so, you know, I just quickly went to the bathroom freshened up a bit, and you know, slapped on the hair that's on the headband, a little on face. And we're good to go. So let me know if you're still interested in that I believe you guys are but you know, do a little confirmation by going on YouTube and writing that in the comments of this video. But I am still finalizing my filming schedule. And I think it will be probably Friday, he's, it's hard, because Fridays now has a lot packed into it. Fridays are for my interviews with guests. Fridays are some of my me time. So things like when I schedule many patties or eyebrows, things like that, it's usually Friday. So just figuring and working around that. And sometimes I don't get enough content on Friday. So I have to do like over the weekend. That's if I'm doing like a vlog. And overall, I think I need to get over myself, I need to get over myself. And it's something that we talked about during the boot camp, and we're going to continue to talk about it because it's a real hurdle, which is, I think I've just put too much pressure on it, I think I took I put too much pressure on the creation of the videos, when you guys just just want to see get to know me and just just get a glimpse into my life or, or something new that I have to share that I think is helpful. And I enjoy it from other people. I don't expect things from them that I'm expecting from myself. So why why do I do that? You know, these are conversations that I have to have with myself to remind myself like you're taking yourself too seriously, you're putting too much pressure on it, you're taking it too seriously overall, and just get over yourself and just just do it. So with that, I again have to remind myself that hey, the goal here was consistency. Every video is not going to be boom, bam, like world premiere Netflix quality, but it's okay because what I've set out to do is consistently produce content on my YouTube channel for a year. Now for this week, I because I was in my head, I did not send it over to the editor when I should have. And so now I probably won't get it out on Sunday, but that's okay. That's okay. Because progress, not perfection. You guys, if I can leave you with anything in this co working chat, it is progress, not perfection. So that's my goal for myself. I hope that you have the same goal for yourself. I hope that while we've been chatting, you've been thinking through some of your workflows and some of the things that you have to work on this weekend next, and I hope it gave me some encouragement. And with that I will talk to you next week. Hey guys, thanks for listening to side hustle Pro. If you like the show, be sure to subscribe rate and review on Apple podcasts. It helps other side hustlers just like you to find the show. And if you want to hear more from me, you can follow me on Instagram at side hustle Pro. Plus sign up for my six foot Saturday newsletter at sidehustle Pro.CO/newsletter. When you sign up, you will receive weekly nuggets from me, including what I'm up to personal lessons and my business tip of the week. Again that sidehustlepro.co/newsletter to sign up. Talk to you soon

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