40: Black Card Revoked’s Latesha Williams on Turning Black Culture into a Hit Game

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40: Black Card Revoked’s Latesha Williams on Turning Black Culture into a Hit Game

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Black Card Revoked’s Latesha Williams on Turning Black Culture into a Hit Game

Latesha Williams is the Co-Founder of Cards For All People, AKA the makers of Black Card Revoked, a card game many of us know and love. Cards for All People is a cultural casual gaming company that humorously celebrates the diverse subcultures of America. An accomplished sports & entertainment executive, Latesha is well networked and respected from her years of experience honed with companies such as Admiral’s Center, IMG, LeBron James / LRMR Marketing, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Rocawear.

On this episode Latesha shares:

  • Why working for LeBron James at LRMR Marketing was like working for a start-up
  • What she did to figure out how to make her own card game
  • How learning to get her legal ducks in a row made the launch of Black Card Revoked that much smoother
  • How she zeroed in on her target market and got Black Card Revoked in front of the right influencers and publications
  • How she’s been able to get orders fulfilled in a seamless manner
  • Who you really need to target if you want your product in the hands of a celebrity
  • And why we all need to rethink the myth of “security”

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