259: A Quick And Easy Way To Make Money In Your Marketing Funnel

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259: A Quick And Easy Way To Make Money In Your Marketing Funnel

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I’m back with another solo coworking episode! In this episode, I break down a quick and easy way to make money in your funnel. I go over what a tripwire is (and why marketers love it) and I also share the answers to some listener questions about email funnels.

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Nicaila Matthews Okome 0:09

Hey guys, welcome welcome back to the show. It's Nicaila here back with another episode of side hustle Pro. And I'm back with a solo episode. Today is another co working episode. So co work with me. Let's get into the week right now. It's Monday, July 19. You guys will see this episode later this week. And I'm kicking off the week by of course checking out my funnel. If you listen to last week's episode, Episode 258, you know that I have been revisiting and refocusing on refining my goal getter action plan funnel, what's the funnel? What am I talking about? I went over all of that in 258. So go back and start there with my first co work with me episode. But for today's episode, I want to just touch on two things. First, I got some questions after last week's episode. So I want to answer those because I figure if one person has that question, then a few people probably have that question. And number two, I want to talk about what I set out to talk about at the end of last week's episode, which is how you can make money on your thank you page before your freebie. So let's get into those one at a time.

Number one, shout out to Reagan for sending these over. And she said, I love the episode, and I am in the process of setting up my funnel. How do you go from someone giving you their emails to a list format? Do you link an application that creates the spreadsheet? Alright, Reagan. So let's talk about this. Now I take for granted that people know what I mean when I say lists, lists lists. Alright, so let's talk in plain English. First of all, when you start creating an email list, you don't need to do this manually. That's what an email service provider is. So basically, you sign up for a service that keeps all of this data in a cloud for you that you can access anytime you need to. And you can log in, and you can send emails to everyone that has elected to get emails from you anytime you need to. The great thing about email service providers is that you can start all of this for free, it's only when you have accumulated 1000s and 1000s of emails that you start having to pay. So I've talked over the last few episodes about AWeber. So that's a W E, B as in boy, er. So aweber.com is an email service provider that provides all of these services. And right now you can get the pro plan for free with code hustle pro for a free 30 day trial of a Weber's pro plan right now. And I'll tell you a little bit more about that later in this episode. So basically, when you sign up for these plans, you know you log in each week, you'll see everyone who gave you their name and email address. And these people gave this to you when you either set up a landing page where they could download your freebie, or you have an opt in box on your website to join your newsletter or to get your newsletter, or opt in box somewhere in your online world. So all those people that enter that information, it's all going to your email service provider, it's all going to be stored there. Now what you want to start doing early on in this process is tagging people, aka labeling people, meaning you want to label people with a word that describes how they got on your email list. Because if you don't, when it's time to send a focus message about a particular topic, you won't know who's interested. And your open rates are going to be lower if you just blast it out to everybody, rather than some people who are definitely interested in this thing. Case in point. For me, when I want to reach people who are interested in learning more about productivity, time management, and everything that the goal getter action plan is about. I'm going to reach out to the people tagged, go getter or go getter action plan. When I want to reach people who are interested in podcasting, I am going to send a focused email dedicated email to people who have joined my world because they downloaded something about podcasting because they clicked on something about podcasting. And I know that they're interested in podcasting. Similarly, with social media marketing, and so forth and so forth. Whatever you offer, make sure that you are making sure that people who enter your list through that method are getting tagged with that. So I hope that's helpful for you, Reagan, and hope that all makes sense. Do not try to do this all manually. Speaking of manually, you had a follow up question, and I want to get to this as well. So you said if you have already accumulated emails from prior interactions, and business relations, is it ethical to add them to your mailing list? So what I think that You're talking about here Reagan is, you probably, maybe before you recognize that you could use an email service provider, we're doing things manually. So if a customer checks out of your website or in person, if you were to an in person sales, you maybe have had your own back end system that was more manual, and you have all these names, and all these email addresses. And you're like, hey, I want to put them all onto this platform now. And I want to start messaging them. Well, it is not ethical to add people to a mailing list without having them opt in. So the great thing about an email service providers that they do that for you, so they do that double opt in where someone downloads the freebies, and they get an email confirming the subscription. So asking them like, Did you mean to subscribe to this list, because now you're on the list. So they're making sure that people

understand their rights, and understand their choice. And don't end up with emails that they don't want. And you want that to happen, because you don't want people on your list that don't want to be there. I touched on that last week. But once you have a certain number of email addresses, you start having to pay once you have 1000s and 1000s of people on your list. And you don't want to be paying for people who don't want to hear from you, and who are not opening your emails, okay. So just because you accumulated emails, and you somehow within your life met these people interacting with these people, that doesn't mean they want to be on your email list. And also, it is not ethical. And it's not right to add them without them giving you that permission. So here's what you can do, what you can do is you can ask them, if they want to be on your list, and how you go about doing that. You can either send them a text or to make your life easier, you can actually, number one, sign up for an email service provider. Number two, create a landing page where they will now be able to opt in to being on your mailing list. So it can say something like, you know, Welcome to the world of Reagan. And here is the email list subscription page. Enter your name and email if you want to continue to hear from me right? And then you're going to just send them a message and say, Hey, you know, I'm sending you this message because you may be this may be of interest to you. If you want to continue to hear from me, please click here. And that is a way that you can give them the option to opt in ethically to your list.

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Nicaila Matthews Okome 7:29

So now that I did cover that, I want you guys to know if you have any additional questions on this whole marketing funnel process. Don't hesitate to reach out just hit me up at hi at side hustle pro co I love hearing from you. And I definitely love hearing if this is helpful or not. I really want this to be as helpful as possible. So this is why I'm doing this. I don't normally get this like behind the scenes, pull back the curtains. But I want to test this out and see how it feels for you and for me so let's do this. Now the second thing I said I was going to talk about is tripwire is okay, so what is a tripwire I'm going to use the definition from power digital marketing comm because I really like their definition. So essentially, this is direct quote Alright, so quote a tripwire is an irresistible low priced offer that sole purpose is to convert a potential customer into an actual customer boom Okay, the boom isn't part of the quote back to the quote. This small offer helps accelerate the buyers journey by letting customers dip their toes in without having to make a big purchase. So that is it in a nutshell. tripwire marketing is the practice of offering your prospects your leads aka people who are interested and you know made their way over to your website and landing page. They it is offering them a low cost product and with the attention of letting them know about your other more expensive products later on. And the reason that you do that is essentially it just starts to build that buyer purchaser behavior. If people know that they have purchased from you before and they enjoyed and felt found value at a low cost. They are more willing and more likely to invest at a higher cost later on. And so that's the purpose of tripwire marketing is really getting people into your ecosystem that know and value your services or your products or whatever it is that you create a tripwire for so for me, I usually I've had a thank you page up for and with this funnel and I've never put a tripwire on it. I have a tripwire on another funnel, but I have not had one on this page. So I've decided to test one out why because number one I do have an upgrade for this product. And I want people to know about that. So there are two ways that they can know about the upgrade. They either the camp they come on to the list after download In the freebie, then they go through the email sequence and then the email sequence, I tell them about the upgrade. Or I can just offer it on the thank you page. And again, this is a test because why not give yourself permission to test in your business and stop thinking that everything has to be perfect the first time you do something, or else, you're not going to do it at all. So the reason why I offer this upgrade is because I know that if you're interested in getting the freebie, which is basically the breakdown templates that you can use to set your goals for the month and a week, then I know that you're Blakely, probably interested in the mini course the full goal getter action plan, mini course, where I walk you through exactly how to think how to do it. And then also how to recalculate if you start finding that you know, it's not working and you're not accomplishing your goals. So I know that you're likely to be interested in that. So why not allow you to have the opportunity and option to get this upgrade. Now with the upgrade, it is the very same price as what you'll see if you just go through the email process. So the upgrade that's on the tripwire I mean, it's the $27 promotional price for gold get action plan. So there are two ways that you're going to see it. But this tripwire ensures that you see it because it's on the thank you page. And just in case you don't open your emails for the rest of the sequence, or you decide to unsubscribe, you're getting presented with this opportunity. So make sense. If you want to see it for yourself in action, go over to side hustle pro.co slash goals. I will link to that and then fill out the form and then you'll be taken to the thank you page. So you can see my tripwire in action.

Okay, guys, so you know the number one reason that it took me a minute to start making money from my side hustle. It was simply because I haven't thought about how to message and tell people about my services outside of social media. And what I realized is that social media is great to meet people. But most of my audience needed to actually hear from me via email to click purchase. So that's what I started to pay attention. And the good news for you is that AWeber has all the tools that you need to stay connected with your audience, to share your messages about your products or services and to make money. With AWeber, you get the email marketing solutions that you need to grow your business. And you can choose from a huge library of pre built email templates. So you don't have to have any experience or design background to create beautiful professional looking emails, you can just use the easy drag and drop editor to create custom emails. You can even connect your brands a Facebook page, and an email design will automatically populate. AWeber also has a landing page builder with access to unlimited landing page templates and a pre stop image library. So you can create your custom landing page in minutes without paying 1000s of dollars to a graphic designer, okay, plus the landing page builder, you have the ability to collect payments on it. So you can set up a landing page and start selling your products or services online directly through AWeber. It only takes a few minutes to get set up and start making money. You can even do it like me in your closet office while your baby is crying. Oh, you definitely need to use AWeber as push notifications, okay, because it allows you to send messages to your visitors even when they're not still currently on your website. And all of these features are included in the code. No our cart pricing. In fact, they even have a free plan. And guess what? status pro listeners you can try a Weber's pro plan right now. No risk, no credit card visit aweber.com and enter code hustle pro for a free 30 day trial of a Weber's pro plan. Again, that's aweber.com and use code hustle pro to try the pro plan for 30 days free. This episode is sponsored by Skillshare the Online Learning Communities offering side hustle pro listeners a free trial of premium membership. Now many of you already know that one of my biggest side hustle hacks is Skillshare. I've been using Skillshare for years now you've heard me talk about it. That's because it's the truth. There are so many excellent classes on Skillshare on topics such as freelance and entrepreneurship, marketing, video websites, basically everything you need for your side hustle and more. So my most recent class on Skillshare is this class called YouTube success script shoot and edit with mkbhd and I found it helpful because it got me through every stage of creating engaging content And then went into techniques for how to grow my YouTube channel. And it was taught by a YouTuber with over 30 million downloads. So I think he knows what he's talking about. So Skillshare is where I go when I want to explore new skills when I want to brush up on my old skills when I want to develop new techniques, I go to Skillshare and Skillshare has classes for every skill level. So you can take short lessons, you can squeeze it into your day, it's very easy. Plus, they also have a hands on project. So make sure that you practice and reinforce what you learn. So you've heard me rave about it. And now it's time to explore your creativity@skillshare.com slash hustle sales Pro listeners. You'll get one month free trial of premium membership@skillshare.com slash hustle. Again, one more time. That is one month of premium membership@skillshare.com slash hustle. I'll talk to you about the pros and the cons about tripwires. So the pro of trip wires is you know, obviously, you you make money, but it's not just making money because that money allows you to reinvest into marketing. So many people use tripwires to actually reinvest into Facebook ads or Instagram ads, any ads whatsoever because that money is like paying for an ad. And that's what I discovered with actually my podcast moguls funnel. So I also have a tripwire on the thank you page. You'll hear my baby.

My life. He's just expressing himself, you guys. He's really excited about tripwires also. So basically, what I learned from putting a tripwire on the thank you page before is that one yes, it is absolutely great for reinvesting in Facebook ads and just supporting marketing. If you do it right, it's almost like it pays for your ads. And then you know the ads pay for themselves. But then also, there are some cons to tripwires and mainly the cost of a tripwire, especially after someone has downloaded a freebie. And they see a tripwire on a thank you page is confusion,

the confusion and having to deal with the comments of I thought this was free, this isn't free, this cost this amount. It's optional. It's optional, you guys, you can thank you page, it says thank you. And then it gives you an optional offer. So be prepared for that whenever there's an optional offer, even though it's optional, people will be confused, they will think it's mandatory, they will think somehow they got the Okey doke pulled on them. And that's not the case, clearly. So those are the pros and cons, I'll allow you to choose for yourself, decide what you would like to do. But I would say that with all of this, it really is fun just to test things out to be able to say hey, I tried out that concept. It didn't work for me or I didn't love it. And see, you know what what your comfort zone is, I think there was a time when I might have paused my trip wire because I was just tired of being inundated with that confusion. But then I eventually returned to it. And what I think I will do ultimately one day is just have a customer service team to deal with any of those kind of questions to make sure that I'm not spending that energy that I could be spending thinking creatively, or working on answering people who are confused. So how do you create one? How do you decide what should be yours? Well, first of all, kind of do an overall audit of everything you offer everything that you're constantly asked about things that you know, things that are relevant to your business or relevant to the product or freebie that people are downloading and then think about, is there a way you can summarize this that would be valuable, that would provide real guidance that you can create into a document something that you can, you know, pull together and then created as something that you offer for a low cost, but still, again, retains that value. So that's how you start to think through Okay, what should my tripwire be? So for podcast moguls, for example, a tripwire tripwire that I have is another mini course guide that goes over how to record edit and start your podcast very easily. So that's something that everyone needs, who signs up for podcast moguls that everyone's interested in. And so if you're at the level where you just want to know how to get started quickly, that is perfect for you. And so that is how I determined to come up with that tripwire. But there's so many others I can think of and I can use and it's just a matter of carving out some time to actually work on it. And that's the only thing is just making sure that you set aside like two to three hours to think through the actual content to put together whatever you need for the content, whatever slides, whatever videos you need to record and And then compile it all, create whatever PDFs and graphics you need, and then completed. So I think the most challenging part of the tripwire is not thinking of what to do but actually executing. So jot down your ideas, but then also carve out time to put it together. Otherwise, it'll just sit there. And you know, I did this like free for a few, almost a year just like thought about, oh, I could probably do a tripwire. But because I didn't actually put the time on my calendar, it took me a while to actually compile it all. And finally pull it together and go in on the back end and create the checkout form and all that good stuff. But again, the good thing is that all of this can be done for you. So whatever service you use for your landing pages, and your email service provider, all of that can be done within that. So you don't have to worry about oh, my gosh, how do I put them? How do I make the shopping cart? And how do I do this, like, all of that is provided for you as an option on your landing page already. So you literally drag and drop, okay, you want to you want to do a checkout, all right, and then you just have to connect it to stripe to make sure that it's processing the payments, and it's going into your bank account. So all of that is not said to overwhelm you. That's why I don't even really get into that. Because that granular stuff, that sounds like oh, that's complicated. That actually takes less time than you think what takes the most time is actually you getting out of your head and saying, I'm going to do this and then doing it. So don't worry about the tech stuff. Because I promise you that tech stuff takes less time than you think what takes the most time is creatively pulling it together.

I hope that was helpful you guys. And with that I'm getting ready to wrap up. This was a short and sweet episode. And next week. Let's see. Next week, I want to come back with some updates on my ad creation process. So I don't know if I mentioned this already. But my ads have been paused. And I know that I said last week I was gonna have this up. And you could go over to Facebook ads library and see it and I link to the Facebook ads library last week, I'll link it again. But something's been going on with my ads manager. It's been really clunky. And so I need to go through that dig in. I'll try to screen record once I figure it out what's going on and set up the ads. But no matter what I want to come in next week and talk to you more about Facebook and Instagram ads. So please let me know what your questions are. So I can make sure that I'm covering what you want to know. And it will kind of be like a co work with me all about that mini training. We'll see. We'll see where it goes. It all depends on the questions you sent me. So remember to shoot me your questions at hi at side hustle pro.co all about Facebook and Instagram ads. And with that, I will talk to you guys next week. Hey guys, thanks for listening to side hustle Pro. If you like the show, be sure to subscribe rate and review on Apple podcasts. It helps other side hustlers just like you to find the show. And if you want to hear more from me, you can follow me on Instagram at side hustle Pro. Plus sign up for my six bullet Saturday newsletter at side hustle Pro, that co slash newsletter. When you sign up, you will receive weekly nuggets from me including what I'm up to personal lessons and my business Tip of the Week. Again that side hustle pro.co slash newsletter to sign up. Talk to you soon.

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