89: Meet the Woman Behind DC’s SpiceSuite and Entrepreneur Hub

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89: Meet the Woman Behind DC’s SpiceSuite and Entrepreneur Hub

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Ep 89: Meet the Woman Behind DC’s SpiceSuite and Entrepreneur Hub

Today in the guest chair we have the oh so fly and oh so dope Angel Anderson. Angel is the Founder and Owner of the The SpiceSuite, an interactive spice bar in the Takoma Park neighborhood in NW Washington DC.

Angel opened this space in 2015 after only 3.5 weeks of planning and dreaming. Now, The SpiceSuite is not only a store that sells fragrant spices, but also serves as an incubator for fellow dreamers.  

Angel provides the space to showcase other local female business owners, free of charge. So on any given day, you can indulge in tantalizing spices, infused oils, sample shea butter, try on clothes, and treat yourself to culinary delights in this hip, quaint and comfortable, atmosphere.

The aesthetics and energy of The SpiceSuite mirror Angel’s home- welcoming, engaging and just overall fun!

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